Private Jet Charter Chennai




Private Jet Charter Chennai

This is India's Hollywood; Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, is a place full of the tradition of festivals like Pongal and the glitz of its many movie stars. In British colonial times, Chennai was known as Madras, and yes you can get the drink of the same name at your hotel bar.

Hopefully the hotel bar you're enjoying that Madras in is Taj's Vivanta in Fisherman's Cove. Built on India's most stunning beach setting, you'll find Chennai's best spas in the Vivanta. Jiva Spa is a fantastic place to unwind from business meetings in Chennai or from a long private flight from Europe. Enjoy unique Indian herbs and aromatherapy sessions before heading out for a tour numerous Chennai historic landmarks.


Local Currency: The Indian rupee is the official currency, though US dollars are accepted in places

Recommended Private Aircraft: From Rome the Gulfstream 450 is ideal for its ability to carry up to fourteen direct to Chennai. Stepping off of the Nextant 400, the lengthiest long range light class private jet Chennai has been waiting for you. The Nextant can transport up to seven executives from the beaches of the Maldives to Chennai with speed and comfort.

Calling Code India: 91

Best Travel Dates: The winter is the best time to visit Chennai and India in general. The temperatures are in the 18 degree Celsius range which is much more comfortable than the sweltering summer for tourists.

Airports: MMA Chennai International - Located in Tirusulam, Chennai International has undergone a major expansion and is one of India's busiest hubs.

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