One Way Specials

Priority One Jets comes across several one way specials or empty leg flights on a daily bases.




Below you will find the list of available one way specials. If you find a one way special that you are interested in, call us at:
646-820-5387 or 888-671-5387

Make sure to come back often to view our one way specials as we are constantly updating the list of available one way specials.

***Charter the entire aircraft, NOT per seat.***

Learjet 40XR Exterior - Private Jet Charter
Citation Encore Int
Private Jet Citation Bravo







06/29Legacy 600Heavy JetAspen, CO (KASE)New York, NY (KFRG)QUOTE
06/30 - 07/02Citation XLSSuper Light JetAspen, CO (KASE)Dallas, TX (KDAL)QUOTE
07/02 - 07/05Falcon 10Super Light JetAspen, CO (KASE)Houston, TX (KHOU)QUOTE
07/01Hawker 800XPMidsize JetAustin, TX (KAUS)Dallas, TX (KDAL)QUOTE
07/05Pilatus PC 12/47Turbo PropAustin, TX (KAUS)Corpus Christi, TX (KCRP)QUOTE
06/25 - 06/28Gulfstream G-IVSPHeavy JetBoston, MA (KBED)London, UK (EGSS)QUOTE
06/29Pilatus PC 12/45Turbo PropBoston, MA (KBOS)White Plains, NY (KHPN)QUOTE
07/01Hawker 800XPMidsize JetBoston, MA (KBED)Washington, DC (KIAD)QUOTE
07/05Pilatus PC 12/45Turbo PropBoston, MA (KBOS)Nantucket, MA (KACK)QUOTE
07/12Falcon 900CHeavy JetBoston, MA (KBOS)Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM)QUOTE
06/29Gulfstream G-IVSPHeavy JetChicago, IL (KMDW)Los Angeles, CA (KVNY)QUOTE
06/28Citation Encore+Light JetChicago, IL (KPWK)Chattanooga, TN (KCHA)QUOTE
06/28King Air 250Turbo PropChicago, IL (KMDW)Boston, MA (KBED)QUOTE
06/28Lear 45XRSuper Light JetChicago, IL (KMDW)Nashville, TN (KBNA)QUOTE
06/28 - 06/29Gulfstream G-150Midsize JetChicago, IL (KMDW)New York, NY (KHPN)QUOTE
07/02Citation ExcelSuper Light JetChicago, IL (KPWK)Jacksonville, FL (KCRG)QUOTE
07/04Falcon 900EX EASyHeavy JetChicago, IL (KMDW)Aspen, CO (KASE)QUOTE
07/19Falcon 900EX EASyHeavy JetChicago, IL (KPWK)Aspen, CO (KASE)QUOTE
06/30Lear 45Super Light JetDallas, TX (KDAL)Houston, TX (KHOU)QUOTE
07/03Falcon 2000LXHeavy JetDallas, TX (KDAL)Key West, FL (KEYW)QUOTE
07/03Citation LatitudeSuper Midsize JetDenver, CO (KAPA)Santa Fe, NM (KSAF)QUOTE
07/04Nextant 400XTiLight JetDenver, CO (KAPA)Atlanta, GA (KATL)QUOTE
07/04Gulfstream G-200Super Midsize JetDenver, CO (KAPA)Fort Lauderdale, FL (KFXE)QUOTE
07/11 - 07/16Hawker 800XPMidsize JetDenver, CO (KDEN)West Palm Beach, FL (KPBI)QUOTE
06/26 - 07/01Boeing BBJVIP AirlinerDubai, UAE (OMDW)Sydney, Australia (YSSY)QUOTE
07/01 - 07/05Gulfsrream G-VUltra Long RangeFort Lauderdale, FL (KFXE)Lima, Peru (SPJC)QUOTE
07/06 - 07/07Cessna Caravan 208BTurbo PropFort Lauderdale, FL (KFXE)Marsh Harbour, Bahamas (MYAM)QUOTE
06/26 - 06/28Falcon 2000XLSHeavy JetGeneva, Switzerland (LSGG)Istanbul, Turkey (LTFJ)QUOTE
06/27 - 06/29Gulfstream G-VUltra Long RangeGeneva, Switzerland (LSGG)New York, NY (KTEB)QUOTE
06/29 - 07/01Legacy 650Heavy JetGeneva, Switzerland (LSGG)Tenerife Sur, Spain (GCTS)QUOTE
07/02Phenom 300Super Light JetGeneva, Switzerland (LSGG)Ibiza, Spain (LEIB)QUOTE
07/05Citation ExcelSuper Light JetGeneva, Switzerland (LSGG)Stockholm, Sweden (ESSB)QUOTE
06/28Gulfstream G-280Super Midsize JetHouston, TX (KSGR)Washington, DC (KIAD)QUOTE
06/30Citation XSuper Midsize JetHouston, TX (KHOU)Austin, TX (KAUS)QUOTE
07/05 - 07/08Hawker 800XPiMidsize JetHouston, TX (KSGR)Miami, FL (KBCT)QUOTE
07/11Hawker 800AMidsize JetHouston, TX (KHOU)San Antonio, TX (KSAT)QUOTE
07/19Gulfstream G-200Super Midsize JetHouston, TX (KHOU)Miami, FL (KMIA)QUOTE
07/20Hawker 800XPiMidsize JetHouston, TX (KHOU)San Antonio, TX (KSAT)QUOTE
06/25 - 06/29Legacy 650Heavy JetIbiza, Spain (LEIB)Samos Island, Greece (LGSM)QUOTE
06/28Hawker 900XPMidsize JetIbiza, Spain (LEIB)Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (OEJN)QUOTE
06/30Phenom 300Super Light JetIbiza, Spain (LEIB)Geneva, Switzerland (LSGG)QUOTE
07/01Falcon 900BHeavy JetIbiza, Spain (LEIB)Cannes, France (LFMD)QUOTE
07/05Citation SovereignSuper Midsize JetIbiza, Spain (LEIB)Prague, Czech Republic (LKPR)QUOTE
06/26 - 06/30Hawker 800XPMidsize JetLas Vegas, NV (KLAS)New York, NY (KTEB)QUOTE
06/27 - 07/01Hawker 800XPMidsize JetLas Vegas, NV (KLAS)West Palm Beach, FL (KPBI)QUOTE
06/29 - 07/01Global 6000Ultra Long RangeLas Vegas, NV (KLAS)London, UK (EGGW)QUOTE
07/01Beechjet 400Light JetLas Vegas, NV (KLAS)Scottsdale, AZ (KSDL)QUOTE
07/01Lear 60Midsize JetLas Vegas, NV (KLAS)Jackson Hole, WY (KJAC)QUOTE
07/01Lear 45XRSuper Light JetLas Vegas, NV (KLAS)Los Angeles, CA (KBUR)QUOTE
07/02Lear 60Midsize JetLas Vegas, NV (KLAS)Colorado Springs, CO (KCOS)QUOTE
06/27 - 06/28Falcon 2000 LXSHeavy JetLondon, UK (EGGW)Istanbul, Turkey (LTFJ)QUOTE
06/27 - 06/30Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetLondon, UK (EGGW)Los Angeles, CA (KVNY)QUOTE
06/30Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetLondon, UK (EGGW)Mallorca Island, Spain (LEPA)QUOTE
06/30Citation XSuper Midsize JetLondon, UK (EGGW)Ibiza, Spain (LEIB)QUOTE
06/30 - 07/04Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetLondon, UK (EGKB)Miami, FL (KOPF)QUOTE
07/01Legacy 600Heavy JetLondon, UK (EGGW)Ibiza, Spain (LEIB)QUOTE
07/02Lear 60XRMidsize JetLondon, UK (EGKB)Zurich, Switzerland (LSZH)QUOTE
07/04Phenom 100Entry Level JetLondon, UK (EGKB)Ibiza, Spain (LEIB)QUOTE
07/04 - 07/08Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetLondon, UK (EGKB)Los Angeles, CA (KVNY)QUOTE
07/05Lear 75Super Light JetLondon, UK (EGKB)Florence, Italy (LIRQ)QUOTE
07/06Citation CJ2Light JetLondon, UK (EGKB)Mallorca Island, Spain (LEPA)QUOTE
07/08 - 07/12Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetLondon, UK (EGKB)New York, NY (KTEB)QUOTE
07/12 - 07/16Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetLondon, UK (EGKB)Miami, FL (KOPF)QUOTE
06/25 - 06/28Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Fort Lauderdale, FL (KFXE)QUOTE
06/27 - 06/29Global Express XRSUltra Long RangeLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)London, UK (EGGW)QUOTE
06/29Legacy 600Heavy JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Honolulu, Hawaii (PHNL)QUOTE
06/30 - 07/01Gulfstream G-VUltra Long RangeLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Washington, DC (KIAD)QUOTE
06/30 - 07/01Gulfstream G-IVSPHeavy JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM)QUOTE
07/01 - 07/05Gulfstream G-IVSPHeavy JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)London, UK (EGKB)QUOTE
07/01Gulfstream G-IVSPHeavy JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Honolulu, Hawaii (PHNL)QUOTE
07/03 - 07/04Lear 55Midsize JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Vancouver, Canada (CYVR)QUOTE
07/03 - 07/04Gulfstream G-IVSPHeavy JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)New York, NY (KTEB)QUOTE
07/05 - 07/09Gulfstream G-IVSPHeavy JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Miami, FL (KOPF)QUOTE
07/07 - 07/09Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Nassau, Bahamas (MYNN)QUOTE
07/09Phenom 300Super Light JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Salt Lake City, UT (KSLC)QUOTE
07/12Gulfstream G-IVSPHeavy JetLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)Chicago, IL (KPWK)QUOTE
07/12 - 07/15Eclipse 500Turbo PropLos Angeles, CA (KVNY)San Francisco, CA (KSFO)QUOTE
06/30Citation XLS+Super Light JetLouisville, KY (KSDF)Chesterfield, MO (KSUS)QUOTE
06/26 - 06/30Gulfstream IIIHeavy JetMiami, FL (KOPF)Memphis, TN (KMEM)QUOTE
06/29Falcon 50 EXSuper Midsize JetMiami, FL (KMIA)Tuscaloosa, AL (KTCL)QUOTE
06/30Lear 35ASuper Light JetMiami, FL (KMIA)Columbia, SC (KCAE)QUOTE
07/09Lear 60Midsize JetMiami, FL (KOPF)St Thomas, US Virgin Islands (TIST)QUOTE
07/07 - 07/10Falcon 7XUltra Long RangeMiami, FL (KMIA)London, UK (EGGW)QUOTE
07/17 - 07/18Falcon 2000 LXHeavy JetMiami, FL (KMIA)Dallas, TX (KDAL)QUOTE
06/26 - 06/29Challenger 601Heavy JetNew York, NY (KTEB)Los Angeles, CA (KVNY)QUOTE
06/27 - 06/29Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetNew York, NY (KTEB)Orlando, FL (KISM)QUOTE
06/28Lear 75Midsize JetNew York, NY (KTEB)Nashville, TN (KBNA)QUOTE
06/28 - 06/29Global 5000Ultra Long RangeNew York, NY (KTEB)Mallorca Island, Spain (LEPA)QUOTE
06/29 - 07/01Gulfstream G-200Super Midsize JetNew York, NY (KTEB)San Francisco, CA (KSFO)QUOTE
06/30Phenom 100Entry Level JetNew York, NY (KTEB)Toronto, Canada (CYYZ)QUOTE
07/01 - 07/05Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetNew York, NY (KTEB)Los Angeles, CA (KVNY)QUOTE
07/03 - 07/07Gulfstream G-IVHeavy JetNew York, NY (KTEB)London, UK (EGGW)QUOTE
07/06Challenger 605Heavy JetProvidenciales, Turks and Caicos (MBPV)Fort Lauderdale, FL (KFXE)QUOTE
07/10Hawker 900XPMidsize JetSan Francisco, CA (KSFO)Seattle, WA (KBFI)QUOTE
07/11Challenger 300Super Midsize JetSan Francisco, CA (KSFO)Vancouver, Canada (CYVR)QUOTE
07/17Legacy 600Heavy JetSan Francisco, CA (KSFO)Phoenix, AZ (KPHX)QUOTE
07/03Falcon 2000Heavy JetSan Jose, CA (KSJC)Hailey, ID (KSUN)QUOTE
06/30Hawker 900XPMidsize JetSeattle, WA (KBFI)San Francisco, CA (KSFO)QUOTE
07/05Citation UltraLight JetSeattle, WA (KBFI)Hailey, ID (KSUN)QUOTE
07/07Citation SovereignSuper Midsize JetSeattle, WA (KBFI)Hailey, ID (KSUN)QUOTE
06/29Lear 40XRSuper Light JetToronto, Canada (CYYZ)Grand Rapids, MI (KGRR)QUOTE
06/29Citation CJ1+Entry Level JetToronto, Canada (CYYZ)Washington, DC (KIAD)QUOTE
06/29 - 07/01Falcon 900EXHeavy JetToronto, Canada (CYYZ)Exuma Island, Bahamas (MYEF)QUOTE
06/30 - 07/03Gulfstream G-IVSPHeavy JetToronto, Canada (CYYZ)New York, NY (KTEB)QUOTE
06/28Lear 75Super Light JetVancouver, Canada (CYVR)Chicago, IL (KPWK)QUOTE
07/03Phenom 300Super Light JetVancouver, Canada (CYVR)Alberta, Canada (CYYC)QUOTE
06/30Gulfstream G-VUltra Long RangeWashington, DC (KIAD)Los Angeles, CA (KVNY)QUOTE
07/10Citation XSuper Midsize JetWashington, DC (KIAD)Denver, CO (KBJC)QUOTE
06/29Gulfstream G-200Super Midsize JetWest Palm Beach, FL (KPBI)New York, NY (KHPN)QUOTE
06/30 - 07/01Challenger 605Heavy JetWest Palm Beach, FL (KPBI)New York, NY (KHPN)QUOTE
07/09Gulfstream G-400Heavy JetWest Palm Beach, FL (KPBI)Eleuthera, Bahamas (MYEH)QUOTE

Private Jet One Way Specials

Priority One Jets comes across several one way specials or empty leg flights on a daily bases. Every week this page gets updated with new specials. Visit our website often to stay current with these specials.

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