Private Jet Charter Rates

There are multiple factors that control private jet charter rates, including: Jet Availability, Fuel Costs, Positioning Charges, and various other direct and indirect costs that impact the cost of operating a jet. Those factors directly impact the private jet charter rates available to our clients.

Routing (one-way) Suggested Aircraft Price Range*
New York – Los Angeles Supermid Jetcat-super-mids $26,000 USD to $35,000 USD
London – Ibiza Light Jetcat-lightjet €8,800 to €12,800
Zurich – Dubai Supermid Jetcat-super-mids €48,000 to € 58,800
London – New York Heavy Jetcat-heavy-jet $75,000 USD to $85,000 USD
Nice – New York Heavy Jetcat-heavy-jet $85,000 USD to $95,000 USD
Athens – Mykonos Turbo Propcat-turboprop €3,800 to €5,800

*Cost does not include fuel surcharge, taxes, landing fees and other charges.

Interested in Airplane Rental Rates?

At Priority One Jets, we make it our mission to analyze all the variables that affect the private jet charter rates, in order to get the highest quality service for our clients at the best price.

Priority One Jets can even save you money when compared to fractional companies that utilize the same aircraft.

We at Priority One Jets, will review all available jets within range of our clients departure location to ascertain that our clients are getting the newest and highest quality jets available to them at a decent rate.

In addition, on larger flights, we also review the fuel costs associated with the flight, and strive to lock in the best rates for our clients.

Our clients should also know the private jet charter facts. There is no ‘free positioning’. There are significant costs associated with moving or flying an aircraft which must be included somewhere in private jet charter rates of the client, check overall hourly rates or add-ons. Someone pays for re-positioning at some point, it could be you, it could be the owner of the aircraft, but it is never “free”. We want our clients to be knowledgeable about advertising schemes and real costs, and compare Priority One Jets pricing with that knowledge in mind.

At Priority One Jets we will exhaust all possible options until we are confident that our clients are getting the closest jets within range in order to limit the positioning costs to a minimum. We will also review all available empty leg information to search for a match that could save our clients money.

The bottom line is, we at Priority One Jets are concerned about your bottom line, we will make sure you get the best value for your money when it comes to private jet charter rates.

Call us first, and you won’t need to call anyone else!


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