Air Travel & Your Safety: Private Jet Charter Benefits

Private Jet Charter from Priority One is the Safest Way to Fly

Flying safety is on everyone’s mind these days. And it’s very easy to understand why.

On June 29th, 2016 there was yet another tragedy in a string of bombings that have occurred over recent months and years which have targeted airports or individual flights, this time at Istanbul Ataturk International, in Turkey.

There’s always a concern over flight safety of course.  Having planes in excellent condition, and operated by top-rated, well experienced pilots is always a must. And we ensure that and much more on our jet charter flights. But now more than ever travelers are thinking about being exposed to other risks while flying.

Ataturk is one of the busiest airports in the world, with many millions of passengers arriving and departing there every year. That is just one of the reasons that incidents like this one are so impactful to people all around the globe.

Our hearts go out to the many people hurt and the families who lost loved ones in this horrible attack, and the others that have happened recently in other cities and at other airports.

We’d like to make sure we note here that even with the high-profile incidents that have occurred recently, events like this one are still a rarity (although even once is unacceptable).

Executive Jet Charter

With this said it does bring to light the enhanced security and increased safety when flying privately as well. With air charter services, you drive your vehicle right up to the aircraft waiting on the tarmac in most cases. This provides not only the extreme convenience of avoiding a busy, crowded commercial terminal, but also the increased safety benefits by doing so as well.

And you fly with only those that you bring with you, eliminating any concern about fellow passengers. You can also bring your own security aboard the flight with you, and any other customization you desire via our concierge service.

When you fly via private jet charter with Priority One, you should know that we will only use private aircraft and flight crews that meet our industry’s highest standards.

Providing our travelers with security and comfort is always our primary concern at Priority One Jets. Our experienced jet charter agents will make sure you receive the most well-maintained and itinerary appropriate jet aircraft for your journey, at the most competitive jet charter rates available. Let Priority One Jets arrange your next jet charter flight and experience for yourself the levels of luxurious comfort, convenience and flexibility that our clients have come to expect.

As summer is now in full swing, know that we specialize in arranging private jet charters to the Caribbean as well as all other destinations, domestic and international. Give us a call at 888-671-5387 and speak to one of our air charter experts. We’ll make sure that your trip is truly a dream vacation! We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we can arrange your next flight with as little as four hours’ notice.

Our service to you is right in our name- Your Safe, Flexible and Comfortable Jet Charter Travel is Our Top Priority.