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Challenger 605

    1. 9 - 12 passengers
    2. 6.1' height - 8.2' width - 28.5' length
    3. 115 cubic feet
    4. Lavatory
    5. 3,834 nautical miles

    Bombardier’s Challenger 605 is one of the world’s best-selling heavy jets due to its spacious interior, superior strength, reliability, and cost efficiency. The Bombardier Challenger 605 features an advanced cockpit, increased cabin comfort and has the capability of carrying 9 to 12 passengers across oceans and continental distances. Building upon the excellence and success of the Challenger 604, the 605 is intended to offer modern improvements in virtually all areas. The improvements over the Challenger 604 are significant, but to truly appreciate the epic scope of evolution, you have to go back as far as the Challenger 601. The 605 is the fifth generation of a concerted effort by Bombardier to continually improve upon the Challenger series.