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Citation X

    1. 8 - 9 passengers
    2. 5.7' height - 5.5' width - 23.9' length
    3. 82 cubic feet
    4. Lavatory
    5. 3,125 nautical miles

    Created by the American-based Cessna Aircraft company, the Citation X is the fastest civilian aircraft in the world, traveling at up to 525 knots by its’ two advanced and incredibly robust Rolls-Royce jet engines. The Citation X can travel up to 3,070 miles, allowing our clients to travel from coast to coast without a fuel stop. With plenty of room to stand up and move around for eight to 12 passengers – and a wide range of multi-media entertainment options and other luxurious amenities within its large, well-appointed cabin – the Citation X is one of the best choices for today’s smart jet charter consumer and business executive.