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Gulfstream G450

    1. 12 - 16 passengers
    2. 6.2' height - 7.4' width - 40.4' length
    3. 169 cubic feet
    4. Lavatory
    5. 4,100 nautical miles

    In 2001 Gulfstream began work on an improved version of the GIV-SP, originally designated GIV-X, then later renamed G450. The G450 is lengthened 1 ft over the G400 and shares the forward fuselage and larger cockpit of the G550. Production of the G450 began in October 2004, replacing the G400. The Gulfstream G450 is high-performance and stylish aircraft equipped to meet the demands of international and domestic travel. Flying cross continent, with a cruise speed Mach 0.80, carrying a team of 16 people.