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Hawker 4000

    1. 8 - 10 passengers
    2. 6' height - 6.6' width - 25' length
    3. 114 cubic feet
    4. Lavatory
    5. 3,283 nautical miles

    The line of Hawker business jets have been admired and looked up to by many pilots and passengers for more than 40 years. The Hawker 4000 continues this line of success and offers everything that previous models were missing. It is one of the most capable aircrafts in the super-midsize class and can transport multiple passengers in complete luxury. With a cabin length of 25 feet the 4000 is almost the size of a large cabin business jet. It features a state of the art interior that is loaded with tech and other creature comforts. The Hawker 4000 is truly an exceptional example of what the super-midsize business jet class has to offer.