Private Jet Charter Cordoba




Private Jet Charter Cordoba

Located in the geographical center of Argentina, Córdoba, the Heartland of Argentina, has a splendid mix of old world charm and modern amenities. Much of the architecture of the colonial period of Córdoba still stands, offering tourists a glimpse into the past as they tour the city after enjoying a luxurious journey in by private jet. Córdoba’s location at the foothills of the Sierras Chicas makes it an excellent destination for adventure travelers. With the nearby mountains and the adjacent river, hiking, trekking, mountain climbing and kayaking trips are available.


Cuisine: Just like other Argentinian cities, Córdoba enjoys roasting and grilling meats, especially beef. One of the specialty dishes in Córdoba is asada locro, a beef stew with corn as the main ingredient. Make sure you take advantage of the chance to taste fresh empanadas, pastry pockets stuffed with meat and seasoning, then fried.

Must See: This city still has many monuments standing from colonial rule. Make sure to check out the Jesuit Cathedral in Plaza San Martin Square, made from stone and silver from Bolivia, and the gold ornaments that line the inside of the cathedral.

Lodging: The Azur Real Hotel Boutique is located in the center of Córdoba, offering easy access to shopping and dining. The rooms are comfortable and the lobby is adorned with paintings and sculptures. A rooftop lounge, a pool, and a restaurant offer you a number of places to relax after touring the city.

Ground Transportation: Córdoba public transportation includes buses and trolleys. Taxicabs are available, but many tourists take advantage of remis, a personal driver using their own car. Remis are often considered safer that taxis because they must be arranged through a concierge or by phone.

Packing Tips: If traveling in the Spring, be sure to bring a range of clothing to accommodate both rain and heat as weather can be very unpredictable. In the fall, make sure to pack a light jacket for cool evenings.

Recommended Books: Strange Forces: the Fantastic Tales of Leopoldo Lugones is the English translation of Lugones’ book of short stories, Las fuerzas extrañas. Lugones is one of the premiere writers of Latin America. His focus on weaving together modern science and paranormal experience created unique stories that captivate readers. Lugones’ work is considered to be a foundation for modern science fiction and fantasy.

Currency: The Argentine peso is the local currency.

Calling Code Argentina: 54

Best Travel Dates: Córdoba has four distinct seasons, with a hot, humid summer and a cool winter where temperatures reach the low sixties. The best time for a visit by private jet is from March to May, when Córdoba experiences Fall. The temperatures will be cool but the winter winds will not have started. Weather in Spring is unpredictable, ranging from heat waves to rain.

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