Cape Eleuthera

Must See: Travelers who take a jet charter to Eleuthera will find arguably the most beautiful beaches in the world. In addition to rolling, pink sandy beaches, this narrow island in the Bahamas,  just east of Nassau, offers a plethora of attractions ranging from snorkeling to nature hikes in native plant preserves.

One unique feature that visitors to Eleuthera can take in are all the various caves and beachside alcoves located around town. Preacher's Cave for example is very easy to reach. Here you'll find a placard that indicates the site of a shipwreck from nearly 400 years ago, which then led to the subsequent discovery of Preacher's Cave. Told through artifacts and placards, the cave tells a story of shipwrecked men seeking refuge from raging seas, and ultimately establishing a fascinating community.

Eleuthera is also popular with admirers of one the most famous musicians in the Bahamas, Dr. Seabreeze. He is known globally for his native island music and performs almost nightly at various restaurants and lounges throughout the island. For a true treat of native island music, make sure to track down Dr. Seabreeze.

Lodging: With gorgeous sandy beaches nearby, the Cove Eleuthera offers breathtaking panoramic ocean views. The hotel's staff treats each individual guest with the level of respect one would expect from a resort of this caliber. To accommodate many visitors' desire to get out and explore the water, the hotel also offers kayaks and snorkels, along with sunset boat cruises.

Ground Transportation: There are taxis in Eleuthera to pick you up from the airport, but they tend to be quite old and rather expensive. If you're seeking exceptional service and luxurious rides while touring the island, limousines and private cars can be pre-arranged by Priority One Jets to shuttle you to your accommodations.

Packing Tips: Be prepared for warm weather, and bring loose fitting garments, sandals, and bathing suits. If you plan to eat at one of the many fine restaurants on the island, also be sure to pack slightly more formal evening wear.

Recommended Books: Eleuthera Island (Bahamas) Visitor's Map & Guide, Franko Maps (2013) -- In this guide, a two-sided map shows the island's topography to scale, along with tourist information featuring points of interest both above and below the water. One of the most popular is the undersea wreck of a steamboat locomotive from the mid-19th century.

Currency: The Bahamian dollar is the local currency.

Calling Code Bahamas: 242

Best Travel Dates: If you're looking for a tropical paradise that offers fun in the sun and tons of beach play, December through May are the ideal months to take a jet charter to Eleuthera.

Airports in Cape Eleuthera