Business is booming in Calgary, Canada. Over the last five years, Calgary has seen an increase of well-educated business executive that travel via private jet charter.  Being Canada's third largest city so it's no wonder it is viewed as a gateway to professional opportunities.

Although Calgary is mainly a business town, visitors here can find fun tourist activities as well. Many travelers by jet charter to Calgary enjoy the hitting the slopes in the Canadian Rockies. The city's weather is perfect for skiing and snowboarding, and you can even watch winter athletes train at the Canada Olympic Park. Built on the oil industry, Calgary also offers a few historic sites. Heritage Park, for example, lets visitors relive the city's old Wild West lifestyle.

Must See: Professionals who take a jet charter to Calgary will find a thriving nightlife that lets you loosen up after a day of business. The city's premier destination for mingling, dining, and grabbing a drink is 17th Avenue, also called the Beltline. This street features a rich mix of fine restaurants, unique shops, and swanky bars.

Lodging: The Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire is one of the top ranked hotels in the city, and it's perfect for travelers who take a jet charter to Calgary. The Sheraton's luxury suites feature flat-screen TVS, free Internet access, and plush beds.

The Hotel Le Germain Calgary is another popular hotel in Calgary. Known for its outstanding customer service, Le Germain will impress with both incredibly helpful staff and relaxing amenities, including an onsite spa and roast house restaurant.

Ground Transportation: Calgary has a growing, reliable public transportation system, which provides efficient bus and rail services throughout the city. A car may be desired if you're heading into the mountains, but many locals find a bike ride or hike toward this western region just as practical.

Packing Tips: Bring professional attire when you take a jet charter to Calgary, because this city is full of opportunity. Nights generally get cold year-round, so be sure to pack warm clothing. Days can vary from warm to cold throughout the year, making light clothes a good idea as well.

Recommended Books: The Lucky Elephant Restaurant, Garry Ryan (2006) - Born and raised in Calgary, Ryan offers firsthand insight into the city's diverse community and culture. As a missing person's mystery, this novel takes you through the streets of Calgary with detectives on the lookout for clues in the case.

Currency: The Canadian dollar is the local currency.

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Best Travel Dates: Skiing conditions in Calgary are best from November through March. This is also a good time to avoid tourists, as temperatures drop below freezing. Many visitors choose to go during the summer months, from June to September, when fun events pop up and the weather is more pleasant.

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