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Though fall weather just seems to be starting in many places, there are some folks who think it’s never too early to think about their escape from the cold already on its way. One of the most popular North American destinations this winter is predicted to be Key West, Florida. There are plenty of reasons why this is a great selection.

Obviously a huge benefit of travel to Key West is that you are not leaving the Continental US, though you’re about as far away as a person can get. Beginning with Key Largo and progressing through a series of islands both large and small, you will find Key West at the end of the chain.

You might be surprised at just how nice the temperature can be here during the winter. Temperatures range from highs in the mid-70s to lows in the upper-60s, even during the deep freeze occurring most everywhere else in the US.

Private Jet Key West

Though it has a party-hearty reputation, and it won't disappoint those who come here seeking that vibe, there are a great many other things that the island has to offer.

From historic Victorian home tours to ocean kayaking, fantastic art galleries, great food and beautiful beaches, this is one trip where you will certainly never be bored. No matter the ultimate reason for your visit – to just relax on the beach, take clients on an unforgettable fishing charter, or have a fun family vacation – Key West will not disappoint you.

You might also decide to begin or end your charter trip at one of Miami’s hottest spots, or visit the nearby, endangered Everglades National Park during your journeys.

You’ll be using Key West International Airport (EYW) if traveling directly to the island.

Priority One Jets can also arrange for other transportation needs you might have getting to or from Key West, including private yacht charter.

We stand ready to make every detail of your private jet charter experience with us perfect for you. And of course, we always provide you with the safest and most appropriate aircraft for your trip, at the best available jet charter price.

Priority One Jets specializes in arranging airplane charters to all destinations around the globe, domestic and international. Call one of our jet charter experts today at 888-671-5387. We’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can have your jet ready for departure in as little as four hours’ notice.

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