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Private Jet Charter Savannah

“The Hostess City of the South” is also the oldest city in Georgia and a perfect destination for a journey by private jet. Built in the 1700s, Savannah was a showcase of urban planning with twenty-two squares defining the layout of the city. Since its creation, Savannah has survived the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the recent renovation of its urban center, all while maintaining its historical relevance and Southern charm.


The majority of the squares that define the city are now intact, making traffic patterns move slowly through the city and allowing travelers the time to take in the beautiful architecture and monuments that surround them. Now a center for arts and culture, Savannah offers beautiful sites to see during the day, shopping and dining for the evening hours, and an exciting nightlife after dark.

Cuisine: True Southern cuisine like cornbread, grits and fried chicken can be found in Savannah at Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House. Be prepared to meet the people around you; this is a true boarding house–style restaurant where tables are shared.

Must See: Unlike many Southern cities, which were destroyed during the Civil War, Savannah retains a large number historical buildings and monuments. Make sure you take a tour through the city to look at the many beautifully restored homes and monuments. Take special care to visit the Mercer Williams House Museum and Pulaski Square.

Lodging: Located in the historic district, The Gastonian was once two mansions that have been converted into a luxurious bed and breakfast. The Gastonian, like Savannah itself, keeps its history close. Look closely at the fireplace mantel and you will find a crack caused by an earthquake that occurred two hundred years ago.

Ground Transportation: The preferred ground transportation in Savannah is by car, so you may consider renting a vehicle of your own. Cabs can be arranged for in advance and some buses are available. Many tourists opt for the day pass for the Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah, which run all day and allow you to disembark and re-enter.

Packing Tips: Savannah is a sub-tropical city. Summers are hot and humid, and thunderstorms happen often. If traveling in the summer, make sure to bring rain gear. Pack comfortable shoes, the many tours of the city will keep you on your feet all day.

Recommended Books: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil uses the city of Savannah and its residents as characters in this memoir-style nonfiction piece by John Berendt. This book is not only credited with beginning the popularity of memoirs that occurred in the American market, but Berendt showcases the city’s charm and cast of characters, fully engaging the reader before telling the tale of a sordid murder trial.

Currency: The US Dollar is the local currency

Calling Code United States: 1

Best Travel Dates: Since summers tend to be so hot, humid and rainy, the best time to visit Savannah is between February and April for temperatures that are warm but not stifling.

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