Montego Bay

Must See: Upon chartering a private jet to Montego Bay in Jamaica, visitors often flock to the renowned Centrestage Theatre. Here, showgoers are treated to musicals that are generally created for families and performed in a dialect specifically representing the Montego Bay region of Jamaica. The theatre's cozy confines provide an intimate experience for anyone in attendance.

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For those seeking adventure in a Caribbean rainforest, Montego Bay's canopy tour is a must. This zipline tour takes you through the area's diverse landscape and wildlife via certified, safe zip lines. The lines allow you to glide over miles of indigenous trees and occasionally stop to hike through exotic and plush foliage. The tour offers a multitude of must see Jamaican sites while you traverse up to 35 miles per hour across The Great River, various springs and countless waterfalls. As you soar through the enclosed and uninhabited jungle, the overwhelming sensation of flight will take the breath out of even the most seasoned thrill seekers.

Lodging: Montego Bay resorts and villas boast some of the most luxurious accommodations in the world. The popular Riu Montego Bay is less than five miles from downtown and only two miles from the small, relatively quiet airport. By day, this hotel features onsite spa services, and beach and pool activities, while live performances are given on stage nearly every night. With poolside bars as well as a 24-hour bar located next to a mini casino, the Riu Montego Bay promises invigorating, round-the-clock entertainment.

Ground Transportation: You will never find a shortage of taxi cabs in Montego Bay. If you'd like to ingratiate yourself with the city in a more personal way, the municipal metro bus system is a less expensive, albeit less convenient option. The system offers three routes: Sandy Bay to City Centre; Cambridge to City Centre; and Greenwood to Centre.

Packing Tips: Not unlike most tropical paradises, Montego Bay remains a fairly consistent 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. With humidity steadily pushing 90 percent, occasionally coastal rain falls hard but quickly, and clear skies ensue almost immediately. Loose fitting summer attire and beach style footwear will assure both comfort and function.

Recommended Books: Moon Spotlight Negril & Montego Bay, Oliver Hill (2010) - This guidebook covers Montego Bay and the remainder of coastal Jamaica. As a native of Jamaica, Hill offers suggestions and recommendations for lodging, restaurants, activities, and helpful tips about navigating the city.

Currency: The Jamaican dollar is the local currency.

Calling Code Jamaica: 876

Best Travel Dates: Historically, hurricane season throughout the Jamaican coast lasts from June through November, almost guaranteeing unpredictable rainstorms during these months. Travelers by jet charter to Montego Bay tend to avoid the heaviest storms and humidity by visiting between December and May.

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