For vibrant energy and unique culture, few places on earth can match the labyrinthine souks of Marrakech, Morocco. Skullcapped craftsman perspire over ancient grinding-wheels wheels while sharply dressed European tourists haggle over delicately inlaid wooden boxes and silver lamps. Recently, emerging young designers have opened boutique storefronts in the Souk Cherifia that put a 2000's twist on an Arab-Andalusian motif.


Must See: Stroll through the tangle of alleyways in the souks of old Marrakech. You will witness craftsmen honing centuries-old skills in the Babouche (slipper-maker) Souk, the Dyers' Souk with its menagerie of colors and the Carpet Souk.

Lodging: At the heart of the city you will find The Four Seasons Marrakech. For the private jet traveler, this is far and away the best choice for a hotel in the area. The property combines high-end resort amenities with the best of Moroccan architecture and style.

Ground Transportation: For those arriving in a private jet Marrakech taxis will not do. They have a terrible reputation for raising prices at random even when the meter shows a specific rate. It is better to avoid them altogether, but if you have to hire a cab, come to an agreement on the cost before getting in.

Packing Tips: The Moroccan nights can be exceptionally cold so pack your PJ's.

Recommended Books: The Voices of Marrakech by Elias Canetti (1968) - A first person record of a few weeks spent in Marrakech in the late '50's, recounts the throng of the city's central square full of beggars, spice traders and camel merchants.

Currency: The Moroccan Durham is the official currency

Calling Code Morocco: 212

Best Travel Dates: July to September is peak tourist season in Marrakech, which offers crisp, sunny days during the colder November through March period. If you're looking to do some hiking in the mountainous areas be aware that these areas are susceptible to flash flooding during the winter rainy season.

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