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With private jet charter, pets are free to travel safely and happily inside the cabin.




It is no question why chartering aircraft has sky rocketed in popularity amongst the pet community. With private aircraft charter your pets are free to travel safely and happily with their owners…inside the cabin.

White commercial air travel with a pet is on the rise as well, and, certainly one alternative that the pet traveler has, it is not as convenient and luxurious as private jet charter. When traveling commercially with a pet, one has to face long TSA lines, arrive early, often wait around…and if the pet is too large to fit under the seat and fly in-cabin with their owner, they will have to fly as checked baggage or as cargo. Additionally, there are breed restrictions, temperature restrictions when it is too hot or too col, as well as limitations to the number and type pets that one would be permitted to bring along. With private jet charter you don’t have to rely on commercial flight schedules, or be limited in the departure and destination airports. It is no wonder why more and more furry, feathery, reptilian friends are taking off more safely and stylishly on a private aircraft.


Priority One Jets knows how much you love your pets, and we are here to offer you private jet pet travel, the pet-friendly alternative to flying commercially. With Priority One Jets, you choose the flight time and the departure and arrival airports…even the catering menu, and our experts will find you the proper aircraft that allows your pet to travel with you like a family member. We will arrange for your pet to have a warm, soft and comfortable place within the cabin of the aircraft, and we can even schedule rest-stops, place toys on board, and arrange for extra pet-friendly crews!

Charter a flight with Priority One Jets and discover a much sophisticated way to fly with your pet! Let us show you the high level of superior service, convenience, flexibility and luxurious comfort that we provide to our clients every day via our private jet charter services. Your vacation begins the moment you step aboard our jets.

Request a quote online by filling out the form below or call 888-671-5387 to speak with one of our experienced air charter agents when you’re planning your next trip. Our charter department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can arrange aircraft for any domestic flight in as few as 4 hours’ notice, and get you, your guests and your treasured pets to your destination quickly, safely and in total comfort – all at the best available pricing.

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