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Private Jet Charter Memphis

One of the largest cities in the American South, Memphis has quite a bit in common with Nashville, Tennessee when it comes to the diversity of activities, the frequent festivals and the focus on music. While Nashville is home to country music, Memphis has been home to blues, soul, gospel and rock ’n’ roll. Musicians such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis all got their start in Memphis, and Aretha Franklin and Justin Timberlake were born in this city.

Memphis is also home to an excellent selection of museums such as the Memphis Civil Rights Museum and the Children’s Museum of Memphis. With its big-city amenities and a unique perspective on the music industry, Memphis offers many opportunities for education, entertainment, relaxation and dining.

Cuisine: Barbecue is a hot topic in the southern United States and varies not only by region, but by city. Memphis Barbecue meat is slow cooked in a pit and can have either have a dry rub without sauce (dry) or be cooked with a sauce (wet). Make sure you get to any of the multitude of barbecue restaurants in Memphis, each with their own take on the Memphis style.

Must See: Memphis in May is a month-long festival featuring four major events throughout the month. The Beale Music Festival has national acts perform in the city, followed by International Week, which focuses on educating the community about a different international location each year. The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest is the next feature of Memphis in May, and not only brings in teams from all over the US, but is featured on the Food Network. Memphis in May closes with the Sunset Symphony.

Lodging: The Peabody hotel is not only luxurious and centrally located in Memphis, but it has a family of ducks that live on the roof and trek through the hotel on a daily basis!

Ground Transportation: Passenger travel around Memphis is limited. Cabs are available to be booked and car rentals are available.

Packing Tips: Memphis has seasonal weather changes, so you should pack for hot, humid summers and cool winters that may see some snow. Make sure you leave plenty of room in your bag to bring some barbecue sauces and spice rubs home with you.

Recommended Books: Author John Grisham has used Memphis as the backdrop for some of his most popular legal dramas. Check out The Client and The Firm, both made into popular movies, and see if you recognize any of the locations used in the books.

Currency: The US dollar is the local currency

Calling Code United States:1

Best Travel Dates: The summer months are humid and thunderstorms are a frequent occurrence. For mild, dry weather, have your private jet fly you to Memphis in early autumn, September and October.

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