Barquisimeto Private Jet Charter




Barquisimeto Private Jet Charter

The state capital of Lara, Barquisimeto is the hidden jewel of the Caribbean. Nestled by the Turbio River, Barquisimeto is referred to as the "City of the Twilight," which is a tribute to the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the urban area. Initially founded by Don Juan de Villegas in 1552, the Barquisimeto of today is a modern city, known for its proximity to the geographic middle of Venezuela along with their industries and agriculture.

In Barquisimeto you will find scenic colonial architecture juxtaposed with modern angular buildings like the cathedral designed by architect John Bergcamp.

Barquisimeto private jet charter from Jacinto Lara Airport is becoming more common with many flights to popular South American destinations as well as Miami and Europe.


Must See: One of the unique things to catch in Barquisimeto are the weaver's workshops. Cotton is the primary crop in Venezuela and local workers spin it into colorful fabrics on the looms. The shops are great places to pick up heavy cord cotton hammocks and locally made blankets.

Lodging: The Lidotel Hotel is a great place to see the city from and also boasts a large convention space if you're travelling for business. The hotel is in the center of the city and is connected to the Sambil shopping mall.

Ground Transportation: Taxi service is unreliable in Barquisimeto. We recommend hiring a driver in advance of your trip.

Packing Tips: Bring lightweight clothing and plenty of sunscreen. Barquisimeto is off the coast in an equatorial climate. It is often hot and humid so staying out of the sun in the middle of the day is the best move. Remember to bring bottled water if you're wandering the local streets.

Recommended Books: Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe (1719) - This classic novel tells the story of a mariner left alone for twenty-eight years on an island near the Venezuelan coast.

Currency: The local currency is the Venezuelan Bolivar

Calling Code: +58

Best Time to Travel: The dry season lasts from December until April, with January being the coolest month. The weather is usually great on the coast any time of year. Most Barquisimeto private jet flights take place during the cool winter months.


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