Maracaibo Private Jet Charter

Upon landing in your private jet you can start your visit in Maracaibo, Venezuela greeted by the pleasant morning breeze while you enjoy a typical regional breakfast of fried pastelitos and local tropical juice. Maracaibo mornings are perfect for strolling through the heart of the city; admiring the colonial architecture that decorates the entire area with cathedrals, theaters, museums and parks, this is a romantic city full of culture, and sure to provide everlasting memories.

Baralt Square is the center of the action in the city and is the primary shopping district for Maracaibo. There you will find the San Francisco Temple, which dates back to 1615 and a statue dedicated to 19th century novelist, Rafael Maria Baralt.


Must See: The Maczul is the museum of contemporary art and is a fantastic place for your afternoon. You can take in Venezuelan modern art, and when the sun starts to scorch the city as you can refresh yourself by finding a delicious cepillado. When the daylight fades take a walk through La Vereda del Lago, sipping tea in Kepein.

Lodging: The Maracaibo is a four star, InterContinental Hotel, located on the shores of Lake Maracaibo and the city's iconic bridge. The area offers upscale shopping and access to the business and entertainment districts.

Ground Transportation: Taxi service is unreliable in Maracaibo. We recommend hiring a driver in advance of your trip.

Packing Tips: Bring lightweight clothing and plenty of sunscreen. Maracaibo has an equatorial climate that is very hot and humid. Remember to bring bottled water from the hotel if you're walking the city streets.

Recommended Books: Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe (1719) - This classic novel tells the story of a mariner left alone for twenty-eight years on an island near the Venezuelan coast.

Currency: The local currency is the Venezuelan Bolivar

Calling Code: +58

Best Time to Travel: The dry season lasts from December until April, with January being the coolest month. The weather is usually great on the coast any time of year. The majority of Maracaibo private jet traffic takes place during the winter months.


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