Selecting a Jet Charter Broker

10 Crucial Elements You Must Consider When Selecting a
Private Jet Charter Service

Part One, Elements 1-5

Private air travel has become more attainable than ever due to the growing number of executives and others who wish to forgo the hassles and headaches of commercial airlines in favor of chartering a private jet. With so many air charter operators and brokers to choose from, it can be a daunting task to find the best provider for you, one that you can really put your trust into. Here are 10 vital components of private air travel you need to consider when selecting the best jet charter broker to meet your needs and desires.

1) Aircraft Operator vs Charter Broker

There are several different ways to access private aircraft charter.  The most common ways are to either to contract directly with an air carrier, or to book a charter flight through a broker like Priority One Jets.  While it is possible to contract directly through a certified air charter operator, your access to aircraft could be very limited, as they only have access to jets in their own fleet.  Also, many aircraft operators put their primary focus on maintenance and daily operations. While utilizing private jets which have the same or even higher safety standards, there are a number of charter brokers that focus on client service instead, to ensure the highest quality flying experience. That is certainly a top mission at Priority One Jets.

Charter brokers can also provide access to more economically efficient private aircraft. By locating the exact positions of all available aircraft, and then identifying the best-positioned jet for your itinerary, a jet charter broker like Priority One Jets can secure you the best price of jet charter travel. Often this will allow them to offer one-way or point-to-point pricing, rather than the round-trip pricing unavoidable with a direct air carrier.

2) Fly With Safely and Securely at All Times

This is obviously the top concern of Priority One Jets and your traveling party. You must choose a private charter service that applies the highest-level safety measures and securities, and can support those assurances with dependable, certified programs.  Confirm that the air charter provider you select takes a proactive approach to aviation safety in their day operations and helps to ensure they catch any potential problems before they arise.  If you choose a broker as your provider, they should have a fully developed air carrier evaluation program that confirms the operator they select for your flight has these systems in place.

It’s essential that all members of your chosen air charter service maintains comprehensive training to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues should they arise. Client confidentiality and security are irrevocably linked, and each employee should be well-trained to adhere to established procedures.

Feel secure by chartering a jet through a service that is prepared for emergencies, large and small. We cannot stress enough that at Priority One Jets, our primary concern is the safety of our clients. Our entire of charter aircraft have met the most rigorous safety standards to guarantee the most secure and comfortable private air charter flight.

All safety information from our network are gathered by our third-party safety auditing partners Argus International and Wyvern Wingman. We thoroughly reviews all the data to guarantee all safety requirements are met. These standard policies at Priority One analyzes the aircraft’s maintenance, crew certifications, and the operator’s FAA 135 certificate.

3) World Class Pilot Experience

A well-trained and qualified pilot is obviously critical to the safety of your private flight.  The FAA requires a pilot in command of a charter aircraft to have a minimum of 1,500 hours’ aeronautical experience, and hold at minimum a commercial pilot rating. Our policies include safety checks and review of operational control of the flight, the pilots’ experience in this aircraft type, their certification and type ratings, record of accidents, incidents and enforcement actions, and then the current insurance for the aircraft as well.

4) Proper Aircraft Maintenance Standards

The Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135 and Part 121 certifications were created to provide a standard for which aircraft safety; operating, regulations, maintenance and licensing are measured.  While the FAA sets the industry standard for aircraft maintenance, the routine maintenance standards of an air carrier can vary greatly from carrier to carrier.

There are also many charter brokers who fly illegally to cut corners on cost. There are a host of difference in requirements for an aircraft and crew operating under Part 91 (private usage) vs. those for a Part 135 (private jet charter). Legal charters are required to comply with strict maintenance programs and their pilots must undergo advanced training. Additional expenses include testing crew for drugs, extensive safety checks and keeping precise records on their aircraft maintenance. This can cost big money, so the easiest way to reduce costs is to simply ignore regulations and fly illegally via Part 91 only. This creates a number of very serious consequences for those flying an illegal private jet charter.

This makes choosing an air charter service provider one of the most important decisions one can make.  Through ARG/US and Wyvern, all aircraft offered by Priority One Jets are subject to the highest levels of screening, so that you will only be flying on the safest, best-maintained aircraft operated by the most reputable air carriers anywhere on the globe.

5) Jet Charter Representatives

Selecting an air charter service with jet charter representatives that possess the highest levels of expertise and experience gives you the assurance that your flight is correctly planned, efficiently done and to your exact specifications. With a wealth of knowledge and available to you 24/7, our jet charter coordinators are pleased to be your educational resource regarding the planning, booking and safety of your private charter flight.

Our team of expert jet charter representatives will assist you in market research and will ensure the best possible jet charter pricing on the safest, expertly-maintained aircraft with the most experienced pilots for your private charter flight. In addition to initial scheduling and arrangements, our air charter agents are able to quickly and smoothly alter last minute flight details, while keeping you up-to-date on your flight status throughout your trip.

Our concierge services can provide whatever you require for your flight to be the most bespoken experience possible, with inflight catering, hotel or event reservations, luxury ground transportation waiting on the tarmac, secure travel requirements and many other special needs. We want to ensure the best possible charter flight experience and that every detail of your travel are carried out to your specifications.