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When it comes to private jet leases, you can lease for as little as 3 months and for as long as you like. Our Private Jet Lease Specialists will be able to guide you through the process from start to finish. This is also a process that needs to have every aspect questioned to ensure you are taking control of the right plane.


Purchasing a private jet is more than just a purchase, it is also an investment. When purchasing a luxury item like a private jet, contact one of the Acquisition Specialists at Priority One Jets for proper guidance. Our Acquisition Specialists will serve as counselors to make sure all of your answers are questioned. All of your answers must be questioned.


Traditional Fractional Ownership is roughly 40% more expensive than private charter on-demand. Priority One Jets will only endorse fractional ownership in situations where a group of friends, businesses, or family have the desire to pool together for the purchase of a private aircraft.


Want more information on acquisition pricing or have specific questions? Give Priority One Jets a call at 888-671-5387 or 646-820-5387 and one of our specialists will be able to answer your questions on private jet acquisition pricing or private jet sales and leasing. The volume of private jet flights and executive jet charter within Priority One Jets client list allows our aviation specialists to offer private jet prices at lower rates than elsewhere in the market

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