10 Most Expensive Desserts In The World

10 Most Expensive Desserts In The World

Sampling regional delicacies has long been a favorite pastime of the wealthy. But would you travel to the ends of the earth to find the perfect cupcake? Like anything these days, it seems you can spend as much as you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. For those looking to make their next trip a little sweeter and with some money to burn, this list is for you. From golden flakes to diamond details, these desserts are hailed as some of the most luxurious, edible creations in the world.

10) Decadence D’Or Cupcake


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Price: $750.00

Location: The Palazzo – Las Vegas, Nevada

This culinary masterpiece by Pastry Chef Long Nguyen is made with Palmira Single Estate chocolate from the rare Venezuelan Porcelana Crillo bean. The cupcake is frosted with a French butter icing, drizzled in Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac, and topped with gold vanilla caviar. Edible gold flakes complete this decadent treat, which has to be ordered 48 hours in advance.

9) Golden Opulence Sundae


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Price: $1,000.00

Location: Serendipity Café – New York City, New York

Originally created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Serendipity, the infamous golden sundae needs to be ordered 48-hours before arrival, as ingredients need to be flown in from around the world. Served in a crystal goblet with an 18 carat gold spoon, the 5 scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream are covered with candied fruits from Paris and truffles with a 23 karat edible gold leaf on the side. Forget a cherry – a small, glass dish of caviar tops it off as the finishing touch.

8) Sultan’s Golden Cake


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Price: $1,000.00

Location: Ciragan Palace Hotel – Istanbul, Turkey

While staying in the historical compound that the empire’s sultans once called home, guests can not only sleep like a royal but dine like one as well. Prepared 72 hours in advance, this cake is made with black truffles, Polynesian vanilla beans with numerous fruits that have been marinating in Jamaican rum for years. The slice is encased in 24 karat gold leafing and is presented in a handcrafted, silver box.

7) Golden Phoenix Cupcake


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Price: $1,010

Location: Bloomsbury Cupcakes – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Unveiled in 2012, this delicacy is hailed as the most expensive edible cupcake in the world. Organic ingredients from the United Kingdom are mixed with premium cocoa from Italy and high quality Gold Ugandan vanilla beans to create this rich dessert. With 23 karat gold leafing, gold sheets and gold powder dominating the plate, this dessert is almost too glorious to eat!

6) Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae



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Price: $3,333

Location: Three Twins Ice Cream – San Francisco, California

This location is most known for it’s charitable causes, as well as its vast selection of local organic ice cream flavors. This banana split is made with 3 syrups from rare dessert wines such as a Chateau d’Yquem, a 1960’s vintage port and a German Trockenbeerenauslese (try saying that 3 times fast!). This frigid treat also comes with a performance by a cellist and a third of the cost is given to a local land trust.

5) Macaroons Haute Couture


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Price: $7,414

Location: Pierre Herme – Paris, France

From photo shoot props to taking up screen time on the TV show, Gossip Girl, macaroons have become a colorful fixture in pop culture. Herme’s macaroons are made with aged egg whites, white almond powder, and various fillings. Hailed as a “couture” pastry, these treats are released in collections twice a year. These exclusive selections of macaroons are only available by special order, cannot be found on any of the shelves in his shops, and can cost up to $7,400 per pound.

4) The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence


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Price: $14,500

Location: The Fortress Resort & Spa – Sri Lanka

This after dinner confection pays tribute to the popular Sri Lanka pastime of fishing. The sculpture of chocolate, exotic fruits, and Irish cream sits in a pool of Dom Perignon. A fisherman, carved out of chocolate, is hanging onto the stilt, with an 80 karat aquamarine keepsake balanced underneath.

3) Frrrozen Haute Chocolate



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Price: $25,000

Location: Serendipity Café – New York City, New York

Served in a baccarat crystal goblet and with a $14,000 jewel encrusted spoon, the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate is a blend of 28 imported cocoas, topped with 5 grams of 23 karat edible gold and shavings from the world’s most expensive truffle. Draped around the glittering display is a white gold and 18 carat gold bracelet that will serve as a parting gift, along with the snazzy spoon.

2) Chocolate Pudding


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Price: $34,000

Location: Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel – Windermere, Cumbria

This pudding is made with a light biscuit joconde, champagne jelly, and infusions of peach, orange, and whiskey flavors. Edible gold leaves graze the sides of this creamy creation, with a 2 karat diamond glistening on top. If this sweet treat gets your mouth watering then you better put your request in now – ordering it two weeks early is required!

1) Strawberries Arnaud



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Price: $ 3.95 Million

font-size: 16px;Location: Arnaud’s – New Orleans, Louisiana

This notorious “proposal” package is comprised of a signature dish of strawberries, along with a 7.09 pink diamond engagement ring. The strawberries sit in a marinade of port, red wine, citrus and spices with vanilla ice cream. The original and slightly less expensive $1.4 million option of this dessert, with a 4.71 carat diamond ring that once belonged to Sir Ernest Cassel, an English royal finance advisor, is no longer available.