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THE SAFETY OF OUR CLIENTS IS PRIORITY ONE.  This is not just a catch phrase. It is our culture and the foundation which our business was built. Our primary focus at Priority One Jets is to get you to and from your destination safely. All aircraft offered by Priority One Jets as well as all flight crew are subject to comprehensive screening. As such, we are very selective and uncompromising about which aircraft operators become part of the P1Jets Preferred Partner Network.


  • Operational Control of the flight
  • The charter company’s safety rating
  • Pilots’ experience in the aircraft type
  • Pilots’ certification & type ratings
  • Accidents & incidents records
  • Aircraft’s current insurance status



Our rigorous approach to safety begins with an in-house pre-screening of our aircraft operator partners. Each aircraft operator must be in compliance with Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. They must have a longstanding track record of providing safe, successful private flights and have the financial stability that allows them to focus on aircraft maintenance and the safe execution of each charter flight that they fly. All safety information from the aircraft operators are gathered by our third-party safety auditing partners – ARGUS and WYVERN. Our aviation specialists thoroughly review all the data to ensure that all safety requirements are met. We expand on our due diligence by using our own industry knowledge and expertise to evaluate a range of reliability factors in each and every aircraft and flight crew.


OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS – At Priority One Jets, all approved air charter operators must demonstrate an uncompromised commitment to air charter safety. They are required to be free of accidents involving serious injury to passengers and must have NO major FAA enforcement violations taken against them for a minimum of five years.

We require all chartered flights to be crewed by two pilots, regardless of whether the aircraft is certified for single-pilot operations. Furthermore, each private aircraft must carry liability insurance adequate to provide for a minimum of $5 million per passenger. The minimum insured liability value for Priority One Jets approved air carriers is $25 million on turbo-prop aircraft and $50 million for all jet aircraft. However, many of the private aircraft we charter for our clients greatly exceed these minimum insured amounts.


To qualify as a PIC for charter flights arranged by Priority One Jets:

To qualify as a SIC for charter flights arranged by Priority One Jets:

*Each pilot is required to undergo annual recurrent training through an FAA approved program such as SIMCOM or Flight Safety International.


ARGUS, the leader in aviation safety and information, has developed the Charter Broker Ratings Program to address concerns regarding the legitimacy of charter brokers by the air charter consumer, as well as the charter operators who provide aircraft for the brokered trips. This program offers an independent, unbiased, factually based confirmation that a charter broker is a legitimate business entity that is committed to industry best practices. The program validates that the brokerage has policies and procedures in place to facilitate the brokering of private air charter.