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Bell 407

    1. 6 passengers
    2. 250 cubic feet
    3. No
    4. 345 nautical miles

    This single-engine, four-bladed helicopter has been quite successful in the last decade and a half, having delivered over 1,000 units. As a result of this success, there have been no fewer than ten individual variants unveiled since the original model’s arrival. The 407GX version is a technologically advanced glass cockpit variant of its predecessor featuring state-of-the-art avionics and superior flight controls. The 407GX also has its own variant, known as the 407GT, which is an armed version of the 407GX utilized for military operations and medevac missions. With the addition of the Garmin G1000 H-model glass cockpit, Bell claims that the 407GX is the most technologically advanced single-engine light helicopter available in today’s market. With an impressive, time-tested track record and a history of producing state-of-the-art modern rotorcraft, there is no question that Bell produces some of the finest aircraft on the planet.