Cannes Film Festival

Every year the Cannes Film Festival is held in the seaside town of Cannes, France, where over 200,000 big cinema players from around the world flock to preview new movies in all genres. This year’s event takes place from May 14th – 25th. Films are submitted by filmmakers new and old, all hoping for international recognition by the end of the festival. In addition to coveted awards, the 12-day event features a variety of “sidebar” cinematic showcases. The festival is held along a mile-long road named the Promenade de la Croisette, which is lined with luxury shops, restaurants and hotels, and helps make jet charter to Cannes Film Festival one of our most popular routes annually.

Private Jet Cannes Film Festival

Founded in 1946, the Cannes Film Festival (officially Festival de Cannes) has become one of the biggest events in the cinematic industry. Although screenings are reserved primarily for film industry professionals and the press, film fans also choose to visit Cannes for the ample opportunities at star-gazing. Jet charter travelers can also enjoy the many shops that pop up around the festival. During the event the whole town buzzes with excitement, making a trip by a private jet charter to Cannes the perfect spring-time vacation.

Described as “a crossroads for world cinema,” the Cannes Film Festival is designed to bring together the celebrities of cinema with the world’s newest filmmakers. It is here where cinema icons such as Quentin Tarantino and Brigitte Bardot have been discovered. A few other iconic movie-makers who have showcased films in the festival include Steven Spielberg, Michael Moore, and Robert De Niro.

Inside the festival, attendees find incredible work opportunities. The event draws producers, directors, actors, and critics all looking for the next big thing in film. Multi-million dollar deals, and careers, are regularly made at the event.

Outside of the festival, the city of Cannes offers visitors sun-drenched beaches, cobbled streets, and friendly marinas. You can take in the enormous yachts while you snorkel through the coves. You can discover exotic foods in covered markets. You can even explore gorgeous castle ruins – all during your trip to the famous Cannes Film Festival.

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