Business Trips: Why Charter a Private Jet Charter

How to Travel for Business – Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter service for business is making a rebound. Private jet charter is no longer simply for entertainment or luxurious private travel. More companies are recognizing the benefits of using private jets for business. Private jets are a direct way to arrive at business meetings fast without the constraints of traveling via commercial airlines.

While there are ways to reduce the costs associated with private jet charter, the primary benefit of jet charter service is convenience, customization and privacy. Consider how private jet charter service can play a role in the professionalism of your organization.

Challenges of Business Travel

Many business people have challenging schedules which simply do not coincide with commercial airline travel. If a business person must be in several different locations in a single day, commercial airline travel can grow cumbersome and may be unreliable. In the course of a day, business people will have to navigate security clearances, luggage transfers and boarding. For multiple stops, this process is inefficient and slows productivity of business travelers.

Benefits of Business Travel

Instead, business travelers can secure private jet charter service, skip the clearances and the long boarding process. The process can save multiple hours on a trip and allow business travelers to accomplish more in a single day. When landing at smaller airports, traffic can be avoided. Often smaller airports are more accessible to locations executives are visiting.

Business people travel in a luxurious private airliner with plush leather seating and gourmet meals. This is much different from flying coach on commercial airliners. Many of these luxuries are not available. The leg room on private jets is ample. The comfort factor of private jets is considerably greater than commercial jet airliners.

Flexibility is not an option with commercial jet airliners. The best planned trips may fall apart if there is the slightest delay due to mechanical issues, weather or other problems common to commercial airliners. A delayed trip could cause a business owner to miss multiple meetings. This leaves a bad impression for the company and may result in lost business. Business owners are challenged to upgrade their travel choices to save valuable time and help businesses maintain a level of professionalism not attainable with commercial airliners.

Companies also save the lives of professionals by reducing their stress. Stress can lead to health problems such as heart disease, strokes and cancer. Business owners retain their top talent and keep them refreshed with private jet charter service. This increases the likelihood of their ability to close deals and remain productive. Private jet service can preserve the lives of key talent within an organization and provide a valued perk to employees.

When traveling with a group, business can accommodate the entire small group up to 19 on one jet. During the flight, employees can communicate with each other and strategize for the upcoming business meeting. When employees can accomplish more during a flight, the business day becomes more efficient. If an employee is traveling solo, there are smaller private jets with seating of seven seats. These choices are more economical. Jet selections will vary based upon the company selected.

How to Hire Private Jet Charter Service

Compare Services. Perform adequate research on private jet charter service. Compare each company based upon their prices, fleet, pilots, packages and history. Most experts recommend companies that have been in business for five years or more.

Some packages cost approximately $127,000 for 25 hours of flight time. With membership services, at least 10 hours notice is required to reserve a flight. Most membership plans fly anywhere in the United States and Europe. Flights to other locations may cost more. Memberships will designate the type of plane and the number of hours available to a company.

Obtain Quotes from the Best Airlines. Most private jet charter costs approximately $1800 per hour or $25,000 per flight run. Memberships may be somewhat more economical. Some private airliners offer deals on travel to certain location, but business people have to be prepared to leave on the day the flight is designated to depart to receive the discounted rate. This process is less flexible but more affordable.

Many private jet companies require a deposit of $100,000 up front to fly. Instead of a refundable deposit, many private jet charter services will use this amount toward future flights with the company. Other companies will put the deposit in escrow. In escrow, interest is earned on the money.

To obtain the best quote, experts recommend contacting five different airlines. Comparing five or more companies will provide business owners a comprehensive view of the best private jet charter service available on the market. Many reputable private jet charter services will provide a quote within 24 hours.

Plan in Advance. Hiring a private jet service is rarely possible on the spur of the moment. Many jet programs require as many as 10 days notice in advance. If there is an emergency with this private jet charter service, business owners will have to search for a different solution.

Other companies only require 10 hours advanced notice. For many business owners, 10 hours advanced notice is preferable and more flexible. Of course, businesses could buy a personal jet, hire a pilot and avoid advanced planning, but this is a costly endeavor.

Ownership versus Membership. Fractional jet ownership is a new way of accepting partial ownership in a jet rather than investing in private ownership of a jet, maintenance, fuel and flight crew. The membership allows owners to purchase the right to use a private jet for a certain number of days or hours per year. On those days, members will have full access to the jet. Memberships are more affordable than outright ownership for many businesses.

Hire a private jet today!

After reviewing the benefits of private jet charter service, customers recognize the benefits of private jet charter service. Convenient, efficient and stress-free travel is beneficial for busy executives with multiple meeting destinations. Private jet charter service can meet the business travel needs of executives no matter how rigorous the schedule. Consider how private jet charter service can enhance business travel.