Iconic Cars From the Big Screen

Iconic Cars in Movies

This week, thousands will be traveling to Miami for one of the largest and most prestigious car shows in the nation. In honor of the Miami International Auto Show (November 8th– November 17th), we have compiled a list of some of the most iconic cars in film and television. Whether you plan on catching a private jet to Miami, or just following the action through your computer screen, auto enthusiasts will be left begging for more!


Ferrari Daytona and Testarossa

Miami Vice: From the iconic white suit to the over synthesized theme song, this TV show was the embodiment of everything and anything 80’s. While viewers went crazy over the black 1972 Ferarri Daytona Spyder that flashed across their screens, executives at Ferrari were feeling much less enthusiastic.  Before filming began, Ferrari North America had denied the show’s request to use actual Ferraris. Instead, the show used re-bodied Corvettes to give the illusion of the Italian sports car.  After threats of legal action, the replica met an explosive end in the season 3 premiere. Ferrari then donated two 1986 Testarossas for the show to use for the remainder of filming.

Aston Martin DB5


Aston Martin DB5

Skyfall: “Bond. James Bond.” Besides having one of the most recognized phrases in movie history, the quintessential spy films are also famous for their lust-worthy selection of automobiles. Considered by the Aston Martin company as “one of the most iconic cars ever produced”, the DB5 model has appeared in 6 of the Bond films. From its film debut in 1964’s “Goldfinger” to a small-scale 3D printed replica in  “Skyfall”, the Aston Martin DB5 continues to be an irreplaceable piece of Bond history.


Lincoln Continental

The Godfather: Hailed as one of the greatest gangster films of all time, Frances Ford Coppola immortalized the Lincoln Continental for both movie and car enthusiasts all over. The two most recognizable models are the Limousine and the Coupe, which were featured in pivotal moments such as (Spoiler Alert!) Sonny Corleone’s untimely demise. In January 2013, two of the vehicles used in the film were auctioned off for a cool $120,750. Guess they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse!


Mini Cooper

The Italian Job (1969): Between zipping through a mall and speeding down stairways, this was the movie that put the Mini Cooper on the map. The rival car company Fiat offered the film’s producers $50,000 and as many Fiat cars as needed, but was turned down in favor of the Minis. The Mini Cooper’s maker supplied a limited fleet of cars to use, with production purchasing the rest. Unfortunately, most of the models were damaged during the “sewer scene”. In 2011, a fan of the original movie purchased three boxes containing parts of the original cars at auction and restored three of them to their original conditions.


Porsche 928

Scarface: This 1983 cult classic dominated it’s decade and continues to gain followers years after it’s initial release. In the midst of his rise, anti-hero Tony Montana purchases a Porsche 928, the fastest and most expensive model at the time. Featured in several other 80’s Hollywood hits such as Risky Business and Weird Science, the Porsche 928 was the car for the rich and famous- both on screen and off. With costly labor and expensive parts, the glory days for this model ended almost as soon as they began.