Jet Charter and the Benefits of Face to Face Meetings

How In-Person Meetings can Impact Your Business

In the business world today, the options for electronic connections with others have never been larger.

From the old fashioned telephone and e-mail, along with video and teleconferencing, instant messaging, text messages on mobile devices, social networking – there are more ways than ever to avoid actually seeing someone in person. Even people who work in the same building (or in neighboring offices!) may find that they email far more often than actually speak to one another. But something is often lost in the translation here.

Efficient does not always mean the most effective. For the most part, virtual contact is inexpensive and convenient, which certainly gives it the upper hand for many basic, day-to-day operations. But this ease of use for virtual communicating can also be its downfall.

In a word, it can be seen as more “anonymous” than a physical meeting, and often has far less perceived value or significance in the minds of those you do business with.

Ask yourself this question: What is more likely to build or maintain a long-term business relationship with this individual – a quick email, instant message or virtual conference – or a real person to person meeting?

Never underestimate the value of real time, human interaction between people. Face-to-face meetings are far more effective in building rapport, creating personal connections between individuals, and creating loyalty from customers and among business partners.

Live meetings deliver the rich, potent experiences that virtual meetings can’t.

So, when you’re deciding whether to have an online gathering or a face-to-face one, consider whether the relationships everyone will form are more valuable than everyone’s cost of traveling to the meeting. This is true regardless of the business climate, and it could be argued that it is even more vital during times of economic turmoil when budgets are supposedly tighter.

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