NBAA Business Aviation Regional Forum

NBAA Takes To New York

NBAA takes to New York for the private jet charter industry folks.  Priority One Jets was happy to join NBAA Business Aviation Regional Forum in White Plains, NY.  A short helicopter ride from Wall Street in New York City up to White Plains to visit with operators and manufacturers at HPN Westchester County Airport is the fastest and most luxurious way to get there.


The weather was ideal for the trip and with the Bell407’s the floor to ceiling windows made for a great view of Manhattan on the way up.

The highlight of the show was the static display of aircraft.  Nearly over 30  new aircraft where lined up on the tarmac.

White Plains Tarmac  Gulfstream_280_Interior

Priority One Jets was a big fan of the Embraer Lineage 1000. At similar pricing than a Gulfstream 550, the Lineage 1000 offers 19 seats, 4 more than the typical GV, more luggage space and  meeting areas that encourage social and business conversations. Surprisingly, Embraer has yet to sell the first Lineage 1000 in the United States. It has already delivered several jets of this model to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.