Aircraft Fractional Ownership

Traditional aircraft fractional ownership is roughly 40% more expensive than private charter on-demand. Priority One Jets will only endorse fractional ownership in situations where a group of friends, businesses, or family have the desire to pool together for the purchase of a private aircraft.

There are no membership fees when fractional ownership is done this way.

We will walk you and your partners through every step of the purchase process to ensure the jet you buy is the jet you want and need. Outside of these situations, Priority One Jets will not endorse traditional fractional ownership. It just doesn’t make sense financially. With the large up front “buy-in” charged by fractional ownership firms, combined with all of the additional fees, upsize/downsize charges, and the costs for exceeding hour limits added to the hourly charges for using the plane, the overall expense is unnecessary. Even with lower guaranteed hourly rates for a jet owned fractionally, when all numbers are taken into account:

Private jet charter on-demand will save the private flyer 30% over traditional fractional jet ownership.

Priority One Jets specializes in arranging private jet charter as well as aircraft fractional ownership to all destinations, both domestic and international. Give us a call at 888-671-5387 and speak to one of our experienced air charter agents, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who can arrange your next flight with as little as four hours’ notice.