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When speeding through the air at speeds of more than 400 mph and altitudes above 40,000 ft, it’s not surprising that safety is a major concern.  As a private jet charter company, Priority One Jets clients are constantly inquiring as to the safety of the planes they choose.  In fact, after an impromptu survey of our travel specialists, safety was the number two concern of our clients — a close second behind price!

Private Jet Safety


The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) has a baseline of safety standards under the heading of “Operational Control” that it requires all operators who carry a Part 135 license to uphold.  The majority of US based operators use these provisions as a foundation for establishing safety measures and procedures and build from there.  In order to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction, many operators subscribe to or become members of certain private organizations that monitor safety above and beyond those standards set by the FAA.  Two of the most prominent organizations are Wyvern and ARG/US.

Established in 1991, Wyvern has helped to set rigorous nationwide standards for ensuring safety of Part 135 operators, air crew and aircraft.  Wyvern is recognized as a global leader in aviation safety auditing, consulting and information service.  During an on-site audit, each charter operator is evaluated against The Wyvern Standard™. Audits are conducted using well-defined and consistent procedures, which ensure a thorough examination of all areas of the operation. The Wyvern Operating Standards™ are an enhanced set of safety measurement criterion, that help ensure the aircraft, flight crew and maintenance of part 135 operators are the safest in the world.

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Similarly, The Aviation Research Group, commonly known as ARG/US has come to be relied upon by companies that manufacture, finance, operate, use, maintain and market business aircraft.  Founded in 1996, ARG/US’s primary focus is on providing safety, operating cost and market research reports for Part 135 operators.  Through on-site safety audits, verifies that the flight operation is managed, organized, and run consistent with industry best practices and reflects a clear commitment to safety.

Both Wyvern and ARG/US will examine the maintenance of the aircraft, the crew’s training and certifications before approving an operator to participate in their programs.  Priority One Jets only uses operators who meet the high standards set by both Wyvern and ARG/US.  There’s more information on the private jet safety page of our website so please feel free to visit and ask questions.  We’re here to make your travel experience comfortable, convenient and most importantly safe.