Private Jet Charter Bariloche




Private Jet Charter Bariloche

Bariloche is nestled at the foot of the Andes on the Nahuel Huapi Lake. This year-round destination offers adventure tourism like hiking, trekking, fishing and boating in the summer and is one of the world’s best ski destinations in winter. If you prefer to relax on your vacation, local spas offer a variety of services, or you can enjoy the lake beach. Be wary of swimming, though–since the water doesn’t get warmer than 57 degrees Fahrenheit it may take as much courage to jump in the chilly water as it does to climb a mountain.


This destination offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Argentina and world class dining. Whether traveling alone or as a family, all tourists will find activities to enjoy.

Cuisine: One of the traditional dishes found in Bariloche is curanto, a layered dish made with seafood, vegetables and dumplings. It is often cooked over hot stones on the ground. Make sure you save room for dessert! This city offers an incredible selection of chocolate shops serving all forms of the sweet concoction. Whether you prefer bars or fondue, you can get chocolate any way you crave it.

Must See: In Bariloche, you should take the opportunity to reach higher elevation. Whether you take a guided tour, a hike, or ski, the views from the peaks show the wilderness of the national park, the surrounding mountains and the crystal lake.

Lodging: The Galileo Boutique Hotel is located at the foot of the Cerro Catedral, one of the region’s premiere ski resorts. This small, nineteen-room hotel is family-owned and dedicated to making your stay enjoyable. Their on site restaurant features regional cuisine.

Ground Transportation: Taxis are the primary form of transportation from the airport to the city. There are some taxis that can be used to travel within the city, but many travelers choose to rent a car.

Packing Tips: Pack your skis! This is one of the best skiing locations in the Americas. With the mountains nearby and the lake bordering the city, pack for excursions.

Recommended Books: Bariloche is Argentinian author Andrés Neuman’s first novel. It tells the tale of a trash collector in Buenos Aires who pieces together jigsaw puzzles to create images of Bariloche, where he was happiest. The novel was critically acclaimed and the short read will be easy to complete while vacationing.

Currency: The Argentine peso is the local currency.

Calling Code Argentina: 54

Best Travel Dates: Although this is a year-round destination, it is best to avoid the month of July, when high school students take graduation trips to Bariloche. If you are planning to enjoy winter sports, June through August is the best time to visit.

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