Private Jet Charter Mendoza




Private Jet Charter Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina is one of National Geographic’s Top Ten Historic Destinations. The streets  surround the Plaza Independencia and are shaded by trees throughout the city. The trees are fed water by small exposed canals through the city streets, a site unique to Mendoza.


Mendoza offers a rich history and many museums, but its role as the gateway to the Andes made it a popular rest destination for adventure travelers planning to mountain climb. There are still many opportunities for adventure travel, with hang gliding, parasailing, mountain trekking, horseback riding, zip lining and rock climbing as popular attractions for tourists, but Mendoza now has a variety of activities for the traveler who prefers a more relaxing stay. Mendoza is home to some of the best vineyards in Argentina and wine tours are a popular way to pass the time, as is dining and spending the day receiving spa treatments.

Cuisine: Mendoza prides itself on its upscale restaurants, many using local ingredients. You will find steak one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Make sure you try a lomo, a sandwich of grilled sirloin topped with melted cheese, fried egg and mayo.

Must See: Perhaps more of a must taste, you shouldn’t depart Mendoza on your private jet without taking a wine tour. One of the nine Great Capitals of Wine in the world, Mendoza vineyards consistently produce award-winning varietals. Wine tourism has been a growing industry in Mendoza for a number of years, and most vineyards have tasting rooms and individual tours. And the best part is purchasing your favorites to enjoy when you return to your hotel.

Lodging: Entre Cielos is a luxury hotel with an onsite spa and its own vineyards, letting you relax and enjoy the view of the Andes while sipping their house wine. With their menu of spa treatments and two onsite restaurants featuring regional flavors, you may never need to leave to get a taste of Mendoza.

Ground Transportation: Transportation in Mendoza is provided by both buses and trolleys. Though the bus system covers more ground, the charm of the trolleys makes them a wonderful way to travel through the city. Taxis are also plentiful in the city.

Packing Tips: The arid climate has an almost Mediterranean feel to it. Temperatures are warm to cool, so you should pack layers that will accommodate warm days and cool nights. With so many options for adventure travel, make sure you bring sturdy climbing boots.

Recommended Books: Vino Argentino: An Insider’s Guide to the Wine and Wine Country of Argentina, written by Laura Catena, is not only a guide to the wine region. Catena also explores the history, traditions, and how to travel like a local.

Currency: The Argentine peso is the local currency.

Calling Code Argentina: 54

Best Travel Dates: September through December is springtime in Mendoza. Not only will you be able to enjoy the blossoms on the vines, but the temperatures will be comfortable and you will avoid the rainy summer season.

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