Beijing can look overwhelming to outsiders as it is a model of urban sprawl. The city races in more places than just the Olympic facilities that have become the iconic buildings of the city. The brand new stadiums and convention centres glisten, but don't forget that there is an ancient side to Beijing. Millennia old temples are aligned with celestial bodies all over the Beijing landscape. The Olympic buildings follow the stars as well so you can usually find them close together.

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If you didn't get to see enough skyline from your private jet Beijing boasts a spectacular 80th floor lounge in the China World Summit Wing of the Beijing World Trade Center called Atmosphere. It is the highest bar in the region, and offers a mix sophisticated business types in a monochromatic grey and black setting. Bring your friends, because Atmosphere is a massive space with many different areas to explore. The people you will find there depends on the time of day and would drift from slick executives in Armani suits to high end tourists from the US that are attracted to the view or for happy-hour and the live music late in the evening.

Travel Tip: Smoking is still allowed in public places here so keep in mind that you might need to take that suit to the cleaners after a night out in Beijing.

Official Currency: Renminbi

Official Language: Standard Mandarin

Calling Code Beijing: 86

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