The city of Barranquilla, called “Colombia’s Golden Gate,” is next to the Magdalena River and near the Caribbean Sea. Enjoying summer weather all year, people enjoy the many squares, monuments and parks throughout the city. There is always somewhere to stop, relax and enjoy the sun, warmth and unique architecture.

Barranquilla treasures its customs and history, influenced by Indigenous, African and Spanish traditions. Its culture and cuisine are also heavily influenced by Middle Eastern and European immigrants. With all the convenience of a large city but with a personality all its own, Barranquilla is sure to be an experience to remember the instant you step off your private jet.

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Cuisine: You can find any type of cuisine in the city of Barranquilla, from seafood to exquisite meats, and Arabic dishes. Locals also enjoy the “Cocadas;” homemade candied fruit desserts made with Papaya, Mango and Coconut. The most famous “Cocada” is the “Alegria,” which means happiness.

Must See: Each year in late February the city is flooded with tourists, performers, dancers and vendors for Barranquilla’s Carnival (Carnaval de Barranquilla), the second largest carnival in the world after Rio De Janeiro’s. Do not miss the intricate costumes, local music, and many dances that occur during the 4 day celebrations. The party atmosphere permeates the city, making it a joyous time of celebration for all attendees.

Lodging: For the most convenient stay in the city, choose Hotel Dann Carlton, a 5 star modern high-rise located in front of the city’s largest mall, Buenavista. For a traditional stay, Hotel El Prado enjoys beautiful colonial architecture and is considered a “must see” place in the city.

Ground Transportation: Private car and chauffeured services are available throughout the city and can be ordered from your hotel of via our concierges.

Packing Tips: Barranquilla is hot, humid and tropical, so wear light, breathable clothing. Pack your swimwear if you like beaches or hotel pools. Within 30 minutes of Barranquilla you can find  beautiful sandy coasts for swimming.

Recommended Books: Love in the Time of Cholera is a love story written by one of Colombia’s premiere authors and Nobel prizewinner Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The story takes place in a Colombian city on the Magdalena River, near the Caribbean Sea.

Currency: The Colombian Peso is the local currency.

Calling Code Colombia: 57

Best Travel Dates: Barranquilla’s average temperature is in the eighties and it is warm and humid throughout the year. From November to April ocean winds cool the city, decreasing the humidity and making the temperature more comfortable. Be wary during the rainy seasons (April through June and August through November), when sudden storms can flood streets quickly.

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