As the capital city of Colombia, Bogota is an enormous city with approximately 8.8 million people. Because of the many libraries and universities throughout the city, Bogota has been admirably nicknamed, "The Athens of South America". Take a private jet charter to Bogota for a lively South American trip.

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Must See: While sightseeing in Bogota, visitors often make it a point to visit Iglesia de San Francisco. Built in the mid-16th century, this cathedral is Bogota's oldest functional church. It features a beautifully restored ornate interior and offers guests the richness of construction that took place during the Spanish Conquest.

If you're looking for serene, panoramic views of the bustling city, experience Bogota's Mount Monserrate, which offers spectacular views of the monuments that make up the capital. Visitors often take binoculars so as to not miss the opportunity to truly appreciate the extensive landmarks.

Lodging: The JW Marriot Hotel Bogota offers all of the amenities of a five star hotel and is conveniently located in the heart of the city. It's perfect for anyone who wants the full Bogota experience.

Another lodging option when flying by jet charter to Bogota is the Hotel Estelar La Fontana. The hotel's outward presentation is that of a medieval village with towers and an overlooking patio. The interior of the hotel maintains a very modern aesthetic with a gym, spa, and onsite restaurant.

Ground Transportation: The most convenient way to travel through the city is by taxi cab. A majority of cab drivers use meters and it's well-known that every driver will use one upon request. In the heart of the city, these yellow cabs are easy to flag down.

Packing tips: Because of the altitude, Bogota has a tendency to be chilly. Dressing in layers is recommended, although during the day it can heat up. Plan for comfortable day weather with shorts and quality walking shoes, but make sure to bring a jacket for Bogota's brisk nights.

Recommended Books: Walking in the Clouds, Michael F. Kastre (2012) - This collection of stories chronicles an American writer's experiences while traveling through the country of Colombia.

Currency: The Colombian peso is the local currency.

Calling Code Bogota: +57 1

Best time to travel: During the summer, jet charter to Colombia heading to Bogota will find it is most alive with students on recess and travelers flocking here for a warm vacation. If you're trying to avoid the tourist influx and college students on break, the ideal time to take a jet charter to Bogota is in fall, from September through December.

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