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Cali is Colombia's third largest city but it is known as the "capital of fiestas." In this city, you will find that dancing is more common than walking. Cali's salsa clubs are world renowned and attract locals as well as international tourists and even the private jet set. The nightlife in Cali is electric and needs to be seen to be believed. The salsa clubs are on every block and even outside their doors in the streets, salsa masters may simply grab your hand and pull you into an impromptu steet salsa dance.

The traditional cuisine of calenos is a fusion of the coastal region's Spanish, Quechua, and African influences sprinkled with the culinary secrets of Antioquia. Common favorites are the sancocho de gallina (chicken stew), arroz atollado (sausage, beef, and oxtail in a rice stew), and tortilla soup.

Must See: Malaga Bay is home to a Colombian naval base and has dozens of islands and islets that make up the archipelago of La Plata and provide humpbacked whales plenty of food and perfect temperatures. Far in the north side of Buenaventura Bay is La Bocana, which is a local fishing village split by the Dagua and Anchicaya rivers, forming freshwater pools and waterfalls along the Santa Clara path.

Lodging: Built within the Chipichape Mall, the Hotel Spiwak Chipichape Cali is in an ideal location to explore Cali in any direction. This luxurious Cali hotel provides guests a prime vantage point near Cali's best business and commercial center. Since opening in 2010, Hotel Spiwak Chipichape is setting the standard for luxury accommodations on Colombia's Pacific coast.

Ground Transportation: The most convenient way to travel through the city is by taxi cab. The yellow cabs in the city are metered so there's no need to negotiate. The cabs are typically new cars and it is usually better to have your hotel call them rather than grabbing one on the street.

Packing tips: Cali is one of Colombia's biggest centers for nightlife, so make sure you bring your dancing attire. Ocean breezes off of the Pacific keep the heat bearable, but we would still advise you bring light clothing. The average temperature is 26 Celsius (79F).

Recommended Books: The General In His Labyrynth, Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1989) - This historical novel recants the story of the liberator, Simon Bolivar, and his final trip along the Magdalena River. It is a fictional story is based on an historical account of Bolivar in his final moments.

Currency: The local currency is the Colombian peso.

Calling Code Bogota: +57

Best time to travel: Cali sees the highest amount of private jet charter traffic during the winter. The Feria de Cali is the most important festival in the reason and is home to a massive salsa festival.

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