In 2013, the Wall Street Journal named Medellin the Innovative City of the Year. The award was based on the city's culture, economy, research, technology, urban development, and other key factors. Now is the perfect time for a private jet charter to Medellin, Colombia.

As the second largest city in Colombia, Medellin has grown in population exponentially over the past century. With sprawling urban nightlife and a steady stream of live music and festivals, Medellin guarantees a unique and vibrant South American experience.

Must see: When you take a private jet charter to Medellin, be sure to experience the Medellin Metrocable, an elevated cable car system that will climb you over the city, providing amazing views of Medellin below, along with a gorgeous overview of the surrounding communities. Many locals are available to serve as tour guides.

For a look at the animal and species life of South America, you can also visit the Parque Explora, which houses a variety of sea life and interactive experiments designed to entertain and educate.

Lodging: When you take a jet charter to Medellin, consider staying at the plush InterContinental Medellin. While here, guests are treated to free breakfast and an onsite bar and restaurant, as well as a business center.

Another great hotel option is The Dann Carlton Medellin. This elegant and modern facility was just remodeled and features world-class amenities including marble floors, flat screen televisions, and a fine dining restaurant.

Ground Transportation: The bus system through the urban parts of Medellin is very well organized. Every bus in service is numbered and display its destination. This, however, is only a viable option until 6pm when bus service stops for the day. For all night activities, a taxi service is the way to commute through the city.

Packing Tips: Although the weather is warm enough to wear shorts and tank tops, Medellin locals pride themselves on their modesty. Even though weather may dictate summer attire, it may be more respectful to wear linen pants and breathable cotton shirts.

Recommended Books: The Medellin Diaries, Roosh V (2006) - This story follows Karl, an alcohol-loving Swede, as he navigates his way through Medellin in an attempt to start a new life. Karl offers a hedonistic and enlightening look into the city.

Currency: The Colombian peso is the local currency.

Calling Code Medellin: +57 4

Best Time to Travel: Because it's a tropical location, Medellin gets rain throughout the year, but April through July tend to be the most ideal months for weather. Rains tend to let up a little during this time.

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