San Andres

San Andrés is an island paradise, fifteen miles long with soft, sandy beaches. Located in the Caribbean Sea, it is sometimes called the San Andrés Sea of Seven Colors due to the different hues of the water around the island. With such clear water, snorkeling and diving are popular activities. Also popular is shopping the island for perfumes and unique cloth. The local soft drinks and fruit juices combine tropical fruit flavors, and the abundance of fresh seafood will please any palate. Be prepared to see rays, flying fish and dolphins while you relax in the sun and splendor of San Andrés, Colombia.

Cuisine: In San Andrés, you will enjoy fresh seafood prepared in a multitude of ways. A popular dish is Rondon, fish served with flour tortillas, plantains, yucca and snails. Coconut is a primary ingredient in San Andrés cuisine. The milk, combined with pepper, is used to flavor many dishes and coconut is a main feature of the local desserts.

Must See: San Andrés offers a number of attractions for the private jet tourist, such as a museum, coral formations, cliffs, and beaches, but their annual festivals are not to be missed. In April, the Crab Festival offers crustacean delicacies and the Green Moon Festival brings together regional musicians to showcase their various musical styles. November brings The Coconut Festival and the Parade of Colonies, which bring together different nationalities living on the island to display various regional customs and meals.

Lodging: The Royal Decameron Aquarium is an all-inclusive resort on the sea. With a large selection of tours, travelers will have many opportunities to spend time on excursions. The large, shuttered windows allow for ocean breezes in the rooms as well as views of the sea.

Ground Transportation: There are a few roads on the island of San Andrés and most are paved. A tractor leading coaches acts as a tourist train and can take travelers to various sites on the island. Boat service ferries passengers to attractions on the island coast.

Packing Tips: Bring your swimsuit and water shoes as well as plenty of strong sunscreen. Most of your time will be spent outside on the beach or on the water. An underwater camera will help you take some once-in-a-lifetime pictures of vibrant fish around coral reefs.

Recommended Books: Far Tortuga by Peter Matthiessen is an adventure story that tells of a group of sailors hunting for green sea turtles. Matthiessen does an excellent job creating unique, engaging characters in this story, which takes place on the Caribbean sea.

Currency: The Colombian peso is the local currency.

Calling Code Colombia: 57

Best Travel Dates: This tropical island is best visited between January and May, when the weather is warm and perfect for enjoying the beaches. Rainy seasons, September through December and May through June, are prone to monsoons.

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