Almost three hundred years old and steeped in culture and history, Baltimore, Maryland is one of the more popular destinations in the Mid-Atlantic region for private jet travelers. Priority One Jets is ready to offer you first-class services to create your perfect trip to Baltimore. We are happy to handle your flight plan and offer you premier concierge services to assist you in finding the perfect hotels, restaurants, and entertainment while visiting the city.

The economy of Baltimore built upon providing financial, business and health services to the surrounding region along the east coast. The city is home to four Fortune 500 companies as well as Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the preeminent medical facilities in the world. In addition to the many business opportunities that abound in Baltimore, there are many cultural highlights here to see which include the famous Hotel Monaco, built in 1906. A historic jewel, the Hotel Monaco features the original flooring and Tiffany stained glass windows, creating an atmosphere of timeless comfort and style. Moving on from the city center, downtown Baltimore offers an array of extraordinary buildings and world class museums, including Westminster Hall and the Baltimore Museum of Art, the largest art museum in Maryland.

Located on the pristine Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore is teeming with options for a visitor looking for a night on the town, a classy evening, a family vacation, or a corporate-style getaway. Dating back to the 1700's, the Inner Harbor, one of the top tourist areas of the city, specializes in local seafood delicacies. The area offers a range of popular dining options, including Charleston, Cinghiale, and the Capital Grille. Other notable attractions include the Edgar Allen Poe House, Maryland Science Center and the National Aquarium. Sports fans can take a stroll to historic Camden Yards to see the MLB Baltimore Orioles in action, or check out Ravens Stadium and catch a Baltimore Ravens football game.

Baltimore is served by Baltimore-Washington International / Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI), located about 10 miles south of the city and 32 miles northeast of Washington D.C. The primary general aviation airfield in the area is Martin State Airport (MTN), situated 9 miles east of the central business district of Baltimore and often preferred by our jet charter clients due to its smaller size and traffic.

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Traveling to Baltimore, Maryland

The so-called Charm City is just that, a big mid-Atlantic city with its own distinctive local flavor. Founded as a tobacco port in the early 1700s, the Port of Baltimore was once a major entry point for immigrants. Like its northern counterpart Boston, Baltimore was a hotbed of revolution in the lead up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, with local merchants banding together to refuse British taxation. The city also provided a meeting place for the Second Continental Congress in late 1776. During the War of 1812, Baltimore was the site of a major battle, attacked by the British after the burning of Washington, DC. During the Battle of Baltimore, a lawyer named Francis Scott Key was trapped aboard a British ship; he described his view of the battle in "The Star-Spangled Banner," later set to music as America's national anthem.

Today, Baltimore offers unique local experiences on every corner while also providing high-end attractions, luxury accommodations, world-renowned restaurants, art exhibits and historical flavor like cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. Dubbed "the city of neighborhoods" for its many distinctive areas, it provides plenty of experiences for the curious traveler to enjoy.

Must see: No visit to Baltimore is complete without checking out the National Aquarium, Baltimore, which houses 16,000 animals, including 660 species of birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, fish and marine mammals. Walters Art Museum is world-renowned and offers a diverse array of artwork that dates back over a millennium.

Lodging: Hotel Monaco; This award-winning boutique hotel is located in the historic headquarters of the B&O Railroad. If you're traveling with the family, amenities include 6-guest rooms with bunk beds and Xbox.

Ground Transportation: From BWI airport, you can take a chauffeured sedan to your hotel, but you may also want to rent your own private vehicle to more freely explore Baltimore's historic neighborhoods. There are also various luxury multi-day taxi services for those who want a local service to take them to all the best spots.

Packing Tips: In the winter, Baltimore is a cold, windy and damp city. While you don't need long underwear, be sure to pack your gloves and a jacket or coat. Summer is a different experience; the Chesapeake Bay area is swampy, which brings with it heat and humidity, so shorts and a t-shirt will be most comfortable.

Recommended Books: Check out the complete works of horror master Edgar Allan Poe, who lived and wrote in the city at the time of his death.

Currency: The US dollar is the local currency.

Best Travel Dates: From May to October, you'll experience good weather and more of the local festivals. March to April offers more temperate weather and tends to be less busy than the May to October high season.

Airports in Baltimore