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Come to Cabo expecting to toss your inhibitions to the wind - everyone else does. But in addition to the absurdity and abandon of the city, Cabo San Lucas also offers endless activities: Banana boating, parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, kite sailing, diving and horseback riding can all be done just by walking down to the beach.

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Must See: Cabo Wabo is a must-see for anyone who's here looking to party, and most people in Cabo are there to party. Owned by Sammy Hagar, Cabo Wabo is a huge complex with massive bars and stages where bands perform, sometimes with Hagar himself. A variety of rock and roll's most revered legends come here regularly, either for shows or just to hang out with a crowd that seems to always think it's Saturday night at the Delta Gamma Tau.

Lodging: Private jet charter to Cabo San Lucas visitors can expect high-quality accommodations wherever they stay - whether at a huge resort or a small bed-and-breakfast. Many area beaches are now backed by major properties, each vying for the most desirable stretch of sand. For the privilege of staying in these hot properties you'll pay top dollar, and more for oceanfront rooms with incredible views. Prices may surprise travelers used to spending much less in other areas of Mexico - even in the hot summer months which are technically the low season. Sprawling Mediterranean-style resorts dominate the coastline of Los Cabos, especially on the 18 mile long Corridor, but also on the beaches in Cabo San Lucas and the slightly inland San José.

Ground Transportation: Rental cars come in handy when exploring Baja, as taxi fares are especially steep. Countless paved and dirt roads branch off Mexico Highway 1, or Carretera Transpeninsular, like the tentacles of an octopus which lead adventurer seekers toward the mountains, ocean, and sea. Baja Sur's highways and city streets are under constant improvement, and Highway 1 is usually in good condition. This roadway runs the entire 1,054 miles from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas.

In rural areas, roads tend to be iffy and in unpredictable condition. Use caution, especially during the rainy season when rock slides and potholes are a concern, and be alert for all types of animals, even on the highways. Start early if you have a long distance to cover, keep the tank full (gas stations aren't as abundant in Mexico as they are in the U.S.). The mythical banditos are not a big concern in Baja.

Signage is not always adequate in Mexico, so traveling with a companion and a good map is sound advice. Rates are usually better if you book in advance through a car rental agency's website. During busy times of year at popular destinations like Cabo, it also helps ensure you can get the type of car you want (vans, SUVs, exotic sports cars). You can work with your Priority One Jets concierge to arrange for a car with a driver in addition to standard car rental options.

Recommended Books: Since Steinbeck made his first road trip to Baja in 1941, this magical place has inspired artists, writers, and dreamers to record their experiences and create their own visions. For a survey of Mexican history through modern times, A Short History of Mexico by J. Patrick McHenry provides a complete, yet concise account. For contemporary culture, start with Octavio Paz's classic, The Labyrinth of Solitude, which still generates controversy among Mexicans for its warts-and-all profile of the national soul.

Currency: The Mexican peso is the local currency.

Calling Code Cabo San Lucas: 011 + 52 + 624 + phone number

Best Travel Dates and Packing Tips: Though Cabo San Lucas hotels are often busiest starting in mid-October for the sportfishing season, the high season doesn't technically begin until mid-December, running through to Easter Sunday. It's during this busy period that you'll pay the highest hotel and golf rates. Spring break, which can stagger over several weeks in March and April, is a particularly crowded and raucous time. Downtown Cabo gets very busy, especially on weekend nights, throughout the year. The Pacific hurricane season mirrors that of the Atlantic and Caribbean, so there's always a slight chance of a hurricane from August through late October.

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