Traveling to Managua, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the most sparsely populated country in Central America, making a visit to Managua free from tourist-heavy crowds and attractions. Nicaraguans have worked to make Managua not only a great place to live, but also a very hospitable and unforgettable place to visit. Managua is the biggest city in Nicaragua, and over 80% of Nicaraguans call Managua and surrounding communities their home. The city is centered between two large freshwater lakes, Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua.

Being located between the cities of Leon and Granada makes Managua an important center for industries, politics, and culture. In terms of culture, Managua celebrates their most famous festival, Santo Domingo de Guzman, in August, and the Alegria por la Vida Carnaval in March. These lively celebrations often involve a lot of music, food and parades. In terms of entertainment, baseball is a hugely popular sport, followed by football (soccer).


Must See: Huembes Market is the perfect place to get a feel for everyday Nicaragua, while also getting to see local artisan works. The historic Old Managua Cathedral can also be found in the heart of the city.

Lodging: For a special stay a little ways out of downtown, Hotel Boutique Contempo boasts 18 modern yet comfortable rooms, a spa room and Azul Restaurant and Lounge, which prepares gourmet French and Nicaraguan dishes. To stay downtown, the state-of-the-art Hotel InterContinental is right next door to Managua's premier shopping mall, Metrocentro.

Ground Transportation: Taxis are available for transportation nearly everywhere. There are also several reputable car rental companies at the airport if you would like to drive.

Packing Tips: Pack natural-fiber, cooler clothes for your private flight to Nicaragua. Also remember bug spray, as mosquitoes are prevalent year round.

Recommended Books: A Country Under my Skin: A Memoir of Love and War by Gioconda Belli is a personal account of the Nicaraguan Revolution.

Currency: Cordoba is the local currency.

Calling Code Nicaragua: 505

Best Travel Dates: December and January are the best times for private jet travel to Nicaragua. The rainy season ends in November, so the flora and trees are very lush and temperatures are milder compared to the summer months.


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