East Hampton

This beach suburb is the summer destination of New York City’s affluent and elite. Days are spent golfing, lounging on the beach or taking advantage of spa treatments, while nights are filled with exclusive parties and events. Many celebrities take advantage of the warm, sunny northern summers to rent homes and socialize with New York’s titans of business.

East Hampton is also home to an artist colony which has been host to painters Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol. Tours of Jackson Pollock’s estate, which is owned by the State University of New York at Stony Brook, can be arranged in advance.

In East Hampton, luxury doesn’t stop once you leave your private jet. Be prepared to enjoy high-end shopping for jewelry, art, and clothes, and for fine-dining experiences.

Cuisine: You can find incredible restaurants in East Hampton, but a local favorite is the 1770 House. The romantic atmosphere and continental cuisine can be enjoyed inside or on the porch, allowing you to enjoy dinner accompanied by an East Hampton sunset.

Must See: The LongHouse Reserve is an art garden with not only sculpted grounds, but grounds filled with sculptures. The sixteen-acre site has permanent displays as well as seasonal exhibitions.

Lodging: The East Hampton Art House Bed & Breakfast is a villa located in the East Hampton Artist Village. It is surrounded by woods and is a block from the beach, but also has a pool in case you want to avoid the sand. The serene, private setting makes for a relaxing vacation.

Ground Transportation: A car rental will be needed to travel in East Hampton.

Packing Tips: Although this is a beach destination, it is also home to high-end parties and events. Make sure you bring upscale summer wear for evening events and swimwear for beautiful days at the beach.

Recommended Books: In the Hamptons by Dan Rattiner, who was the publisher of the local newspaper, is an account of the various celebrities and personalities he has met in East Hampton. It is an entertaining, easy summer read.

Currency: The US dollar is the local currency

Calling Code United States: 1

Best Travel Dates: East Hampton is a summer destination with beautiful beaches and incredible rentals. Make sure you visit between May and August.