Private Jet Travel During the Holidays

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold This Holiday Travel Season!

The holidays are almost here once again. Which means the familiar spike in private jet travel will be coming soon too. Every December, January and early February requests for chartering a private jet increase between 30% – 60% higher than any other time of year. Of course demand is greatest for those seeking the most popular destinations in both snowy and sunny places.

The wintery slopes and great outdoors await those passengers heading via private jet to Aspen, Vail, Whistler, Park City and Wyoming among others. Warm, sandy beaches are the destination for many other passengers, flying private jet Bora Bora, Bermuda, US and British Virgin Islands,  and St. Barts.

Holiday Private Jet Charter Travel Aircraft

Although this time of year always brings tremendous demand, the supply of available aircraft is essentially identical to any other time. So how do you ensure that the perfect aircraft to meet your needs is available, and at the right price? Here are a few tips that make booking your holiday travel as easy as possible, so you aren’t left in the cold this season.

First, if possible you should try to plan ahead now more than ever. At Priority One Jets, we pride ourselves in always finding an available charter jet for our clients with as little as four hours’ notice. And sometimes you can find deep discounts for booking last minute flights. But this does not work during the holidays! You run the big risk of missing out on the most appropriate plane for your travel, since so many aircraft have been booked in advance.

You also may have to pay higher repositioning costs to have the jet you really want come to your point of origin to pick you up. This is because when you wait until the last minute, many of the available aircraft are already sitting in those popular destinations we just mentioned. Thus it becomes more likely they will need to fly empty to meet you. You can certainly save yourself both headaches and money by proactively scheduling and securing your aircraft before others do.

Holiday travel also creates more baggage than usual as well, such as skis and other bulky winter gear, multiple sets of golf clubs, or even large holiday presents. Be sure to alert your jet charter coordinator when you have these types of items to bring with you, as this can have a big effect on the type of aircraft suitable for your travel needs. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the tarmac, realizing right before takeoff that your luggage won’t fit in the plane!

The average capacity for a mid-size jet is around 60-70 cubic feet of luggage. For larger families and groups of friends, having all this excess luggage can mean the difference between utilizing a mid-sized jet versus moving up to a large cabin aircraft, which will obviously increase your costs too. By working with your charter specialist at Priority One Jets, you can potentially take advantage of other options, like shipping your additional cargo to your destination separately.

Private Jet Holiday Travel

The holiday season brings other major factors into play that can affect your plans, such as the increased chances of inclement weather and the big travel delays it can cause. Partnering with the right provider is critical during this hectic travel period. Many long-planned and anticipated holiday trips have been ruined in years’ past by inexperienced private jet charter brokers who don’t have the expertise or capacity to get the job done during this peak time of year.

Your charter flight coordinator at Priority One Jets is your single point of contact for arranging all aspects of your travel. Weather you need to charter a private jet French Polynesia or any where else around the world, your charter flight coordinator can expertly manage your whole itinerary, in the air and back down on the ground with hotel reservations, luxury ground or rental car transportation.

We know how significant and special your holiday plans with family and friends are, and we look forward to the privilege of assisting you with your next trip. We are always available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a single call to 888 671-5387.

We will also always provide you with the safest, most appropriate charter jet for your trip, and always at the best available cost too.