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Gulfstream 650 Takes Off On Its First Charter

With the recent debut of the Gulfstream 650, private jet enthusiasts worldwide are eager for a test flight. However, with limited aircraft available in the marketplace, the uber-wealthy are all impatient for their turn with the Gulfstream’s newest toy. Priority One Jets, Inc. is the first on-demand charter company in the US to provide our clients with the flight of a lifetime.

Here are Priority One Jets’ top 10 reasons to charter a G650 with us:

1. Charter your flight before it’s in a hip hop video.

Image 1

2. The G650’s specially designed Enhanced Vision System (EVS) projects real world images for the pilots — making you even safer in any environment.

Image 2

3. The plane’s phone system has more extensions than most Fortune 500 companies.

Image 3

4. The 650 boasts the largest windows of any aircraft in the industry — perfect for jealous onlookers taking pictures from the tarmac.

Image 4

5. When you travel at speeds up to Mach .925 you’re approaching the speed of sound — -even the Top Gun pilots would be envious.

Image 5

6. With the largest cabin in its class, feel free to bring along friends. The G650 can seat up to 16 people.

Image 6

7. Feel like Chinese food for lunch? You can fly the G650 to Hong Kong with no fuel stops.

Image 7

8. Rolls Royce engines. So you know it’s classy.

Image 8

9. The G650 is equipped with Synthetic Vision Primary Display, a 3D color image overlaid with primary flight display — making the flight path always visible to pilots, no matter the outside conditions. It’s like the best video game of all time on steroids.

Honeywell Synthetic Vision

10. With the ability to land at even the most remote destinations, you can travel James Bond style without any supervillain nonsense.

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