Teterboro to West Palm Beach

Featured Charter Routes – Private Jet Charter TEB to PBI

The southbound journey from Teterboro [TEB] to Palm Beach International [PBI] and back again is one of the most well-traveled routes for our clients. Utilizing Teterboro is by far the most efficient spot for takeoffs and landings for those in the NYC metro area, and is one of the busiest reliever airports in North America.

TEB is just 12 miles from midtown Manhattan, one of the most vital cities in terms of economic and investment activity in the world. Allow Priority One Jets to help you take a break from it all, and in just a few luxurious hours away you’ll be gently touching down at PBI. Before you know it, you’re sipping lemonade beneath a giant umbrella in West Palm Beach.

Starting Your Trip at Teterboro Airport


New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport is the primary airport for private planes in the region, easily accessible by public transit or luxury ground transport if you wish, working with your Priority One concierge. It’s also the oldest facility, home to many private aviation charter companies flying both domestically and around the world.

If you have the time you can enjoy the Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey, featuring artifacts from throughout the Garden State’s aviation and space heritage. Air and space equipment, models, photographs, fine art and videotapes give you a full scope of generations of achievements in air travel.

Smooth, Efficient Jet Charter Travel with Priority One

Private jet charter means you’ll miss out on the hassles of public travel – the dashing from gate to gate through crowded hallways, the long TSA lines, the stuffy seating – keeping the thrill of the journey and the freedom of no-fuss air travel. Priority One offers the best rates for luxury services and built-in peace of mind.

Business or pleasure, you can rely on your experienced Priority One jet charter agent to arrange the perfect trip, down to the finest details. Ask about our in-flight catering services and personalized accommodations. By adhering to the highest standards of safety, comfort and service, we’re confident you’ll join us whenever you’re aching to soak up the sun in West Palm Beach.

Arriving at Palm Beach International Airport

When taking a private jet charter flight to West Palm Beach, PBI is just 3 miles from where you’ll end your journey and begin your vacation. Undoubtedly, you’ll bypass the menagerie of attractions and entertainment in America’s third best airport as you gather your luggage and make your way to your hotel to prepare for your retreat.


When it’s time to head back home on your charter to Teterboro or anywhere else your itinerary takes you next, you might want to make a little more time to enjoy “Best of Everything” experience at Palm Beach International, including their renown Comfort Zone Spa – for a final relaxing moment before taking off. Explore the wide range of designer products, local artwork displays and fine eateries while enjoying free WI-FI and mobile device charging stations so you can stay connected as you wait for take-off.

Ready to Take Flight?

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