Charter Jets for Sports Team Transportation

Private Jet Charters for Sports Team Transportation

Sports teams face a great deal of stress during their playing seasons. This is particularly true for professional or collegiate teams. The pressure to win is relentless, whether the team is doing well or performing poorly. Athletes are constantly scrutinized even when they’d rather be left alone to focus on the game. The frenetic travel schedules most teams maintain are yet another stressor on the athletes. Luckily, there is a way to decrease the aggravations felt by travelers in the current flying climate.

Charter jets for sports team transportation is a practical solution to the challenges presented by modern air transportation. Using a charter jet eliminates many of the usual stresses of air travel, and alleviates some of the particular challenges that impact celebrities.

When famous athletes travel, they face many of the same pressures felt by actors and musicians. Fans clamor for attention, or want autographs. Since athletes are in the public eye, they must respond graciously, even though they may be tired or worried about their performance. The unwanted attention can continue even after the plane is boarded, leaving the team members little time to relax and focus on their own needs and interests. Using a charter jet to transport the team eliminates most of this well-intentioned but invasive attention.

Charter flights allow a great deal more flexibility in scheduling than commercial flights. A private jet can be chartered to depart and arrive at the airport most convenient to the sports team’s destination. Arrival and departure times can be scheduled around the team’s needs, rather than the team having to work around commercially scheduled flights. Unless there is an emergency like dangerous weather conditions, the charter jet is unlikely to make multiple stops along the route. Transfers are extremely rare when traveling on a chartered jet.

Increased personal comfort of the athletes is another advantage of charter jets. Athletes in many sports are typically larger than the average person. Many athletes are very tall or have bulky muscular physiques. Because a charter jet is unlikely to be filled to capacity, the passengers have more room to stretch out and move around while the flight is in the air. For highly trained athletes, not being wedged in an 18” wide standard airline seat is a huge benefit.

Most heavy charter jets provide at least one attendant to assist passengers with their needs. Catered meals are also usually available on charter flights. Because the meals are prepared specifically for the group, the particular dietary needs of athletes can more easily be accommodated. The meals may be of a higher quality, since a smaller number of meals are prepared. Portion sizes can be adjusted to satisfy the caloric needs of active team members. Serving times can also be adjusted to suit the needs of the charter passengers.

Freed from the constraints of fan and press scrutiny, the team members can relax and enjoy their travel time. Members can read, doze, or interact with each other without worrying about the impression left with other passengers on the flight. The ability to unwind a bit prior to the athletic event can have a very positive effect on the morale of team members. Rather than dreading the travel experience, the team can use the travel period to prepare for the game.

Team meetings or reviews of opponent game videos are also possible on chartered jet flights. If the team needs some additional drilling or coaching, the flight time can be productively used to help with last minute game preparation. Individual strategy sessions can be worked in as the flight makes its way to the site of the next game.

By utilizing a charter jet for transportation, team members no longer have to deal with persistent fans or the many aggravations associated with modern commercial flight. The last minute flight delays and changes in flights are mostly avoided, except in situations like inclement weather. There is plenty of room for luggage and equipment on a heavy charter jet, without the frustration of extra bag charges. Invasive security searches and tedious lines can become a thing of the past for the sports team that charters private jets for all their air travel needs.