Travel Apps

Our Favorite Travel Apps

At Priority One Jets, we’re constantly searching for the latest and greatest ways to improve our client’s travel experience. We’ve tested out dozens of apps and we think these will enhance your trip without keeping you glued to your smartphone.

(1) Postagram

This app brings back the traditional travel staple with a technological flair. Simply take a picture with your smartphone or upload an existing photo from either Facebook or Instagram, type in a short message and choose the recipient from your contact list. Your friends and family will be thrilled that you’re thinking of them while you’re on vacation plus choosing a photo will bring back all the great memories of the day as you relax over a glass of wine at dinner.

Postagram App

(2) ICE: In Case of Emergency (For Android users)

Taking a cue from the Boy Scouts, we all know that always being prepared is a travel must. This app keeps your doctors phone numbers, details of specific medical conditions and your insurance information all in one convenient location. And don’t worry, if you’re traveling internationally, the app can translate your important info into 10 different languages. This is one we hope to never use but we’d be happy to have it just in case!

ICE - In Case of Emergency Android App


(3) Press Reader

Keep up with all the latest headlines while you’re on the go both at home and at your destination. Press Reader can deliver more than 2,000 newspapers from around the world to your mobile device; showing you the paper’s actual daily layout. Plus, if you’re not in the mood for reading, the app is even equipped with a text-to-speech option, perfect for catching up while relaxing on the beach.

PressReader App

(4) Packing Pro

If you’re trying to travel lightly but want to bring your entire wardrobe, then this app may just be your salvation. Simply enter your destination and trip duration to generate a suggested list of trip essentials. It will even help you to create packing lists for family members and remind you about basics like your passport.

(5) Oanda Currency Converter

With over 180 options, you’ll never over pay for your foreign currency purchases again. This app uses the latest market data based on the Interbank rate – the same information used by major corporations and accounting firms. You can also save your top 5 currency choices for access. The best part? The app is free!

Oanda Currency Converter App

(6) iTranslateVoice

Boasting more than 35 language choice, what really excited us about this app is the ability to connect with your friend of colleague. Your translation will be immediately sent to their phone, all they have to do is download the app and sync to your phone. Now that the entire world has smartphones, think of all the new friends you can make! You can also send your translation via SMS, email or post it to Twitter and Facebook. Impress everyone with your newly acquired linguistic skills even if you never leave the country!