Executive Jet Charter

At Priority One Jets, we value the education of our clients to make the most informed decisions they can when it comes to on demand air charter, especially to our executive jet charter clients. In light of that desire, we’d like to first take a moment to explain the different types of flights, and then the benefits of private jet charter travel to today’s busy C-level leadership. To understand charter flying in the first place, we can tell you that Civil Aviation is one of two major categories of flying, private or commercial (excluding military aviation). Civil Aviation then has two major categories of its own:

General Aviation

This includes all flights private or commercial other than military and regularly scheduled airline and cargo flights. Most the world’s air traffic falls into this category, and the majority of the world’s airports serve general aviation exclusively.

General aviation includes a wide range of flights, both commercial and non-commercial, on demand air charter, personal flying, police and ambulance aircraft, firefighting flights, and many other smaller categories. Private jet charter services are governed by Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. These flights are described by the FAR under: “Part 135 – Operating Requirements: Commuter and On Demand Operations and Rules Governing Persons on Board Such Aircraft”.

Scheduled Air Transport

Scheduled air transport includes all passenger and cargo flights that operate on regularly scheduled routes. The larger, scheduled airlines and air carriers that operate worldwide are governed by FAR Part 121. Note that Part 121 and 135 do not make a distinction between the type of aircraft being used, but rather the type of activity that is being performed.

These two types of Commercial Aviation – both General Aviation and Scheduled Air Transport – involves operating aircraft for hire to transport passengers or cargo. A flight may be operated for money only if it meets three criteria:

  • The pilot must hold a valid commercial pilot’s certificate
  • The aircraft must hold a valid commercial registration
  • The operator must hold a certificate or some other authorization for commercial operations

Part 135 and On Demand Charter

At Priority One Jets we are well aware of the many charter brokers who are far more interested in making a quick buck than building a relationship with clients, or providing honest, reliable private jet charter service. These cut-rate charter brokers offer rock bottom prices by ignoring critical safety and maintenance regulations required by the Department of Transportation and FAA Part 135. They cut corners and illegally fly under the less stringent Part 91. This puts their passengers under greater risk because of the reduced maintenance and safety requirements dictated by Part 91.

Executives who fly with these brokers often have negative experiences and overall dissatisfaction with their private flying experience, and some may never even use air charter services again in the future because of it, missing out on the many benefits afforded by private aviation.

Part 135 operators fall under the encompassing category of “general air charter services” or “business aviation” providers. General air charter is described as travel for personal, non-business oriented needs such as vacations or conducting personal affairs in person.

The definition of business aviation is the component of general aviation concerning the operation or use of aircraft by companies for the “carriage of passengers or goods as an aid to the conduct of their business, and are piloted by individuals having at a minimum a valid commercial pilot license with an instrument rating”.

In comparison to jet charter, scheduled commercial airline flights or programmed private charter services offer essentially zero flexibility in takeoff and arrival times by their very nature. This automatically reduces the value of the flight to you regarding either business or personal needs. The loss of flexibility in aircraft choice can also be a large component of this, especially on longer flights. When utilizing executive jet charter, your selection is based upon your specific itinerary, because otherwise the level of comfort, value and convenience are beyond your control. Otherwise, similar to what you might experience with the cut-rate brokers above, your level of satisfaction is so negative that you avoid private air charter totally.

Which is a tremendous shame, because private jet charter offers you so many numerous benefits no matter if the travel is for business or pleasure. Whether you need to get to an important meeting quickly or you’re simply arranging a large family trip, a private jet charter is the best way to get you there.

Thousands of Airports

In addition to the luxury and convenience you experience while in the air – where your Priority One Jets private jet charter concierge can ensure that every detail of your flight is bespoke to your wishes – you also have the tremendous advantage of skipping crowded airports and their headaches and hassles when traveling to your destination, and arrive where you like.

This is because your corporate jet can utilize thousands of smaller, municipal airports additionally than a commercial flight can, getting you far closer to your destination right from the very start. Then when you consider that we can arrange luxury ground transport waiting for you on the tarmac for your arrival, you’ll see why private charter offers a huge advantage in travel comfort and efficiency.

Using Your Time Effectively

The time of today’s corporate executive is immensely valuable. Waiting in commercial airports, working through security checkpoints and then all the potential delays at the terminal or on the tarmac are a huge waste of this precious resource – never to be recovered. Thus the cost of flying privately is far lower than some might assume taking these facts into account. And when flying with a large group, you may find on demand jet charter services to be far more inexpensive than you might think as well.

When it comes to business needs, nothing compares to private jet travel. On a commercial flight there is no privacy, even in first class, and you have the uncertainty of not knowing others on your plane, making actual work in this environment quite difficult.

On a corporate jet however, you and your business team have the opportunity to prepare for presentations or discuss important details of the visit without worry of being overheard. You can sit back in comfortable chairs in a face-to-face environment, with amenities such as convenient table between you and jacks to plug your electronics into to create a good working space to take advantage of your hours in the air most constructively.

Spending time building rapport with a client or business partner might be another key goal you can accomplish, or perhaps just having the ability to lie back and relax to collect your thoughts before you touch down, nearly an impossible task on a commercial flight. When major business deals are on the line, these types of opportunities to prepare more fully just before arrival can make the difference between success or failure. The costs of the private flight REALLY look incredibly miniscule now.

Additional security measures necessary for your travel and complete privacy if need-be are other critical issues of flying in some cases. The flight crews of all private jet charters are also highly trained and accountable. When viewed holistically, on demand private jet charter simply has so many added benefits for the cost involved that commercial travel just cannot replicate it. This explains why so many corporate executives use private charter so frequently, with more joining the ranks every day.

At Priority One Jets, our business philosophy is right there in our name. As our incredibly valued client – YOU Are Our #1 Priority On Every Flight. Our unrelenting goal is to meet – and exceed – every travel want and need you may ever have. We’d love to answer any other questions you have about private jet charter travel and the comfort, convenience and ultimate safety we offer to our clients every day.

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