Private Jet Prices


While private jet travel will never be more cost effective than commercial flights, your time has value and the time you gain avoiding the TSA lines and going direct to your destination is priceless. New private aircraft such as the Embraer Phenom, Citation Mustang and Nextant 400 are all driving down private jet prices with their efficient flight costs as compared to existing models. The volume of private jet flights and executive jet charter within Priority One Jets client list allows our aviation specialists to offer private jet prices at lower rates than elsewhere in the market.

Jet-pooling or purchasing by the seat is not something that Priority One Jets offers or endorses. Many private jet companies have come along offering seat-buying programs as a way to cut private jet prices. Invariably however, these companies have gone out of business leaving clients with nothing to show for their deposits.

Many private aviation companies offer jet membership, or block-time cards. Sometimes these will be approved re-sellers of unused fractional shares, or charter brokers who make arrangements with charter companies who sell blocks of time to them, at a discounted rate. These flights still need to be conducted under FAA mandated ‘charter rules and regulations’ (FAR part 135) SkyCards do not offer the shared depreciation that come with fractional models. The occupied rate charged against a card, or an account of block-time. With Priority One Jets’ SkyCard program the client receives a 6% bonus at the end of their term and would have a dedicated aviation specialist to work with them on each and every flight.